Cystitis in cats: what to do?

Идиопатический цистит у кошек (ИЦК) и другие заболевания нижних ...
  • What to do if a cat has cystitis?
  • Prevention of cystitis in cats

From previous article we know how to manifest cystitis in cats. What to do if you notice signs of disease in your pet? What is the basis treatment and prevention of cystitis?

What to do if a cat has cystitis?

If a cat showed symptoms of cystitis, as quickly as possible, please refer to a veterinary specialist. He will examine the pet, conduct tests and ultrasound, establish a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

Cystitis will not pass by itself, it cannot be treated independently. Though, because to diagnose this disease at home is impossible. The symptoms of cystitis are similar to symptoms of other diseases of the urinary system and identify the problem can only be a specialist. Without timely treatment, the disease goes into a chronic form, which has a negative impact on the quality of life of cats in the future.

Treatment of cystitis includes:

– removal of the causes of the disease,

– the removal of pain and spasms

– the destruction of pathogenic bacteria in the bladder,

– the removal of inflammation in the bladder,

– cleansing the bladder from the effects of inflammation,

– when dehydration animal is assigned to a dropper.

The complex of medicines selected on the basis of the pattern of the disease, the health status of the cat and its individual characteristics. The wrong drugs at best will be useless, and at worst – will lead to death. Do not compile it yourself!

Treatment can be prescribed only by a veterinary specialist!

During the period of treatment and rehabilitation cat should not be disturbed. Make sure its a place to sleep was dry and warm and not drafty. To maintain the health of the urinary system will need a special diet (for example, Monge Urinary Cat). The choice of diet definitely be discussed with a veterinarian.

Proper diet plays a key role in the treatment and subsequent recovery of the body. Strictly observe the recommendations and the rate of feeding. Any food from the table!

 Цистит у кошки: что делать?

Prevention of cystitis in cats

For prevention of cystitis enough to properly care for your pet. On what to pay attention first of all?

– Keep the cat always was warm to sleep on warm, dry litter and do not fall under the drafts (especially after bathing).

– Ensure the right diet: food should be of high quality and balanced. Do not give your pet human treats.

– Clean drinking water should always be freely available.

– Timely things in order in the tray so that the pet did not disdain to use it and resisted the urges.

– Follow the vaccination and treatment against parasites.

– Visit a veterinarian not only in the ailments but also for their prevention.

The tendency to diseases of the urinary system of the cat will need a special diet and dietary Supplements (biologically active additives, for example, “Chistian” with L-tryptophan). Dietary supplements to prevent cystitis and relieve inflammation, regulate the function of the urinary tract, prevent the occurrence of the disease and its relapse. They don’t have protivopokazanii and side effects. Diet appointed on a permanent basis, and Supplements are used in courses.

The choice of diet and nutritional Supplements must be agreed with the veterinary surgeon!

Diet and supplements will be effective only with compliance. Even if you buy for the cat is the best healing diet, but continue to feed her food off the table – would not be good. In using supplements the dosage is important and consistency.

Цистит у кошки: что делать?

The right content-balanced diet and constant monitoring of health status – this is the prevention of cystitis.

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