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Good-natured giants of the cat – the perfect pet for a large family. Friendly, quiet, communicative, and very beautiful, these cats are wonderful neighbors, with whom to live under the same roof – a pleasure. Ragdolls are very loving and find a common language with all others. And all, in turn, love them, but otherwise impossible!


The name of the breed (ragdoll in the lane “rag doll”) speaks for itself. These cats are the real giants plush with doll-like appearance: they have an expressive face and huge bright blue eyes. Weight pretty pet varies from 4.5 to 9 kg. the ragdoll a strong Constitution and well-developed muscles.

The torso of these cats is elongated and massive. Head of the medium size, close to the wedge-shaped form, all its contours rounded. Muzzle rounded, with a soft transition from forehead to nose, cheeks rounded. The eyes of ragdoll are large, oval, and set slightly obliquely, rich blue color. The ears are wide at the base, of medium size, with rounded tips. Tail in proportion to the body, long and fluffy.

The fur is long, soft, silky. There are 4 classic kinds of colors: brown, lilac, chocolate, and blue. In terms of markings characteristic of ragdoll colorpoint (extremities slightly darker than the base color), two-tone (pointed, on the head of a mark inverted “M”, paws, chest, and belly are white; the color appears to 2 years of age and with age it gets dark), socks (white mark on nose, white chin, Siamese with spots on four legs).


It is difficult to find a more peaceful, good-natured and docile cat than the ragdoll, making it an ideal family pet. He doesn’t tend to be aggressive, scratching and biting, it is very balanced, loves to eat and sleep and, of course, loves when his stroke. Think of excellent manners typical of this pet since birth. He never mischief, noise, eschewing hustle and bustle, prefer harmony and quiet.

Sociable and affectionate, the ragdoll, however, is always striving to be the center of attention. He values community and loved ones, and caring, and alone to be not like even to sleep or relax home the giant is much more pleasant when close to his beloved master.

Ragdolls get along well with children. Despite the peaceful nature of temperament, they are happy to share children’s games, but only if they have the mood. These Pets are always eager to take care of and protect children, with the kids they treat very gently, do not scratch and do not offend them, of course, if the child himself is respectful to the pet. Peaceful ragdoll can easily find the way to the heart of other Pets, it is not important whether a cat or dog, they get along with everyone, love everyone and everything, in turn, love them.

To live with this courteous and neat pet under one roof – a real pleasure.


In General, ragdoll health, however, the rocks observed a tendency to hip dysplasia and feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), which often is inherited. The life expectancy of the ragdoll is on average 15 years.


Ragdolls are quite simple and require very basic care. Special attention requires only a long coat, which needs daily thorough brushing.


The breed “Ragdoll” came about by accident, but quickly became one of the most famous in the world.

In 1960, near Los Angeles was born of an unusual white cat named Josephine, reminiscent of a Turkish Angora. Then the cat crossed with a Burmese cat, and the resulting litter has attracted the attention of a talented breeder Ann Baker, who has decided to consolidate some of the qualities of kittens and even more improve them.

So there’s a new breed with an interesting title that furry Pets deserve not only external data but also traditional relaxed state.

In 1965 the breed was officially recognized. Today, ragdolls are incredibly popular worldwide, but most of all they, as before, distributed in the United States.

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