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Elegant and refined Oriental Shorthair, the nearest relative of the Siamese cats and mandarins, a natural born party animal, the perfect pet for a large family. Sociable, playful and inquisitive, this cat gets along well with children and find common language with other Pets. Tender and sensitive, and she appreciates the attention and care and does not like to be alone.


The Oriental Shorthair is an elegant cat of medium size, weighing from 4 to 6.5 kg. the Body type of Oriental Shorthair long, skeleton thin. It is graceful, elegant, but very strong cat.

From Oriental Shorthair long, slender neck, an elongated head, the shape fit into the inverted wedge. The profile is straight, with smooth transition from forehead to muzzle, the muzzle is thin. Beautiful eyes are almond-shaped, set rather obliquely, of medium size. Can be green, jade or emerald green, in cats with white coat color and blue. Allowed yellow, or copper eye color for cats with red or cream color. Final eye color is formed to the first year of life. Ears large, set wide apart, pointed at the tips. The tail is long and thin.

The coat is short, dense, thick and silky. Color is divided into 4 varieties: rovnomerne (purple, brown, chocolate, black, blue, white), tortie (chocolate, orange, black), tabby (marble, tiger, spotted), tipping (smoke, silver).

Восточная короткошерстная кошка


Oriental Shorthair is an elegant home hunter. Her Royal posture and graceful movements really are fascinating, and the curiosity and playfulness never cease to amaze.

Bright and active, Oriental Shorthair always becomes the soul of the company. But loneliness and the indifference takes very seriously. Being sociable and affectionate, she will never forgive owner indifference and neglect. Full of happiness talkative pet you always need to feel attention and care.

Oriental Shorthair love to play and get along well with children. They are easy to get along with other Pets, especially if you know from an early age. These bright and contact nursling is best suited the family of several people, as they just love to be in the company.


The Oriental Shorthair is an active cat by nature endowed with good health. And she is a real survivor in the world of cats. Often the life expectancy of the Oriental Shorthair is more than 18 years.


Care for Oriental Shorthair standard. It’s pretty neat and low maintenance pet. Wool enough to brush just 1 times a week.

However, setting the stage for representatives of this breed should understand that puberty in females starts at the age of 9 months, in addition, they have a high fecundity.

Восточная короткошерстная кошка


The Motherland of the breed, as well as Siamese cats, is Thailand. In General, the difference between the two breeds is the coat color and eye color. In the UK and Oriental and Siamese cats were imported around the same time, in the late 19th century. However, the peak of the popularity of the Oriental Shorthair was in the middle of the 20th century. In the future, the breed was modified and only in 1972 was recognized by the CFA.

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