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Elegant and graceful Balinese cats have a more gentle temperament than Siamese and are characterized by sociability and devotion. They easily find common language not only with humans but with other animals whether it be cats or even dogs. “Balinese” – fine representatives of the cats of Oriental type, whose elegance and aristocratic habits really are fascinating.


The Balinese cat has a medium size, maximum weight – around 5 kg.

She flexible, elegant, proportional body type (Eastern type), the torso is slightly long, thin bones and developed muscles, not producing the impression of heaviness. Limbs long, slender, the paws are compact and oval. Neck long, graceful, head elongated, wedge-shaped, the profile is straight. Muzzle thin, with a smooth transition from the forehead, nose long and straight. Eyes obliquely set, almond-shaped, bright blue. Ears large, wide at the base, acuminate; valued small brush on the tips of the ears. The tail is long and thin.

Coat of medium length, smooth, silky. On the tail, belly and torso hair longer than in other parts of the body. There is a slight undercoat. Allowed all colors peculiar to Siamese cats. Color is formed completely in the first year of life.

CFA recognizes four-color Balinese cats: seal point, bluepoint, line count, coquelicot and cats of other colors refer to Javanese. In France Balinese and Javanese cats are referred to one species.

Балийская кошка


Balinese cat – the born soul of the company. It is an affectionate, sociable, cheerful and very graceful home predator, whose elegance and aristocratic habits really are fascinating.

With all my love for games, in temperament, the Balinese cat is much calmer and more obedient Siamese, and her meow – quieter and softer. Curious and outgoing, she badly feels alone and easily gets along with other cats and even dogs, especially if he knows them since childhood.

Balinese cats are loyal to their owners and very gentle with them. It’s sincere and Pets who appreciate the good attitude and always answer the same.


Balinese cats have good health, but the rock has a marked tendency to liver problems. The average life expectancy of the “Balinese” is 12-15 years.


As a rule, all cats are different natural neatness and cleanliness, however, the Balinese cat in its simplicity surpasses even relatives. To care for the “Balinese” is very easy. Their molt is almost not expressed, but to brush hair enough only 1 time a week.

For the proper development of dogs need high-quality and balanced feeding and active play. Great if from time to time during the warmer months, you will have the opportunity to release the cat to walk around the fenced garden, to a small predator could like to stretch their legs and satisfy hunting instincts.

Балийская кошка


The birthplace of Balinese cats is the United States. In the 20th century, plant breeders have experimented with Siamese cats, trying to secure the property is semi-long hair. The result was bred from the standard colors of Siamese cats and a medium-length coat. A new breed called the Balinese.

For the first time at the exhibition, the breed was introduced in 1955. Today, Balinese cats are quite popular around the world, but many experts believe that the finest hour of these beautiful Pets yet to come.

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