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The Korat is a graceful cat with green eyes and silver coat. Real aristocrat who appreciate an intimate atmosphere and brings harmony and good fortune into the house. In the province, where they appeared in the 14th century, and today are considered lucky charms.


The Korat is an extraordinarily beautiful cat with blue fur and bright green eyes. Size: medium, the weight of the specimens varies from 2.5 to 4.5 kg.

Korath’s body is stocky, muscular and flexible. The back is slightly arched. The head is heart-shaped (when viewed from the front), the neck is long. The eyes are a large, round, bright green color. In kittens and young animals allowed amber color eyes, because finally the color is set after 2 years. The ears are large with slightly rounded tips. The tail is of medium length, slightly tapering to a rounded tip.

The coat is one of the main advantages of the breed. The coat is short, dense, very shiny, the underfur is absent. Monochromatic color, blue-gray silver. The nose is also painted in gray-blue color. Paw pads dark blue or pale lilac with a pinkish tinge.


The Korat is a cat-an aristocrat. She’s very smart, graceful, elegant and playful, but the traffic and noise studiously avoid, preferring a relaxed atmosphere.

With strangers and other Pets Korat behaved. Strangers in their personal space do not admit. From Konrath’s balanced temper, he never scratches without extreme reason, but to satisfy him very difficult.

However, next to the beloved master that an independent, cautious cat embodies affection and tenderness. The Korat loves to fall asleep on the lap of the master, responds with a loud purr for a scratch behind the ear, incredibly appreciates the care and affection. Watching the korath communication with family members, you begin to think that pet is more sensitive and responsive are just impossible to find.

Korat is strongly tied to the owner and misses if a long time is a loneliness.


The breed is characterized by good health and a great immune system, however, it has a tendency to atelosteogenesis the first and second type (a hereditary disease). By purchasing a kitten, we will pay special attention to the study of his pedigree.

The life expectancy of korath the average is 13 years.

Particular care

Care of the Korat is quite simple, this unpretentious pet does not require special procedures.

Wool enough to brush 1 time a week. As appropriate, the cat should be bathed with special shampoo. The claws shortened once a month, because we have a tendency to ingrowth. Ears cleaned as necessary.

Don’t forget to periodically visit the veterinarian and to carry out routine vaccination and treatment against parasites. And also follow the correct diet – it’s the key to the health and long life of your pet.


The birthplace green-eyed girl with silver hair is Thailand. This is one of the few breeds that originated in natural conditions, and it is known since the 14th century. The breed is named after the province in which these cats are still considered lucky.

In the late 19th century karaty was imported to the UK, but the exhibitions they attributed to the varieties of blue Siamese cats and not recognized as a separate breed. However, through the efforts of breeders and connoisseurs in 1966 the breed was recognized by CFA in 1966 – TICA, and FIFe 1972.

Today the most popular corty enjoys in the US, but often leaves them both in Europe and in our country.

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