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Hairless cat with a long body and short legs. Eternal children!


Bambino is a hairless cat with short legs. The weight of the breed is up to 4 kg. Cats are slightly larger than cats.

The Bambino elongated torso, stocky build, well-developed muscles. The head is wedge-shaped with high cheekbones. The forehead is broad, with skin folds. The nose is small, pink. The eyes are large, expressive, set wide apart. It can be green or blue, grey or yellow. Allowed heterochromia – different colors left and right eyes. The erect ears are large, triangular, tips rounded. The tail is long, sometimes with a tassel at the tip.

The coat of cats is completely absent or is found in some areas of the body in small amounts. The light color of skin, possible pigmentation.


The word “Bambino” in Italian means “child”. The breed got its name by chance: hairless cats-dachshunds are energetic, open and cheerful like children.

Even when Bambino grows up, they don’t lose the interest of the outside world and enjoy the simple things in life. A treat, a kind word, a scratch behind the ear, a new toy – all this will cause the cat a great delight! By the way, short legs do not limit the mobility of the Bambino. On the contrary, these cats are avid travelers, athletes, participants of exhibitions. They love to be the center of attention and always support any venture. And Bambino often sits on their hind legs like squirrels. This site will touch any heart!

Bambino very attached to their owners and strive to spend time with them as much as possible. But if the owner is busy, to be imposed, they will not.

Overall, the breed is a friendly and calm disposition. Cats have weak hunting instincts and they are easy to get along with other Pets.

Bambino is an affectionate pet who appreciates attention and willingly gives him in response.

Health and life expectancy

Rock diseases of the Bambino are not officially recorded. However hairless cats are prone to dermatitis, and the unusual shape of the body can cause hip dysplasia.

Balanced nutrition, proper care and regular checkups by a veterinarian will help maintain the health of the pet.

The average life expectancy of the Bambino with proper maintenance, 15 years.

Particular care

Due to the lack of hair, the Bambino is vulnerable to temperature changes. On a hot sunny day, the cat quickly burns, and cold freezes. Be sure to take warm clothes for the pet and not leave it under direct sunlight.

Another consequence of the “naked” skin – frequent hygiene procedures. Skin secretions mixed with dust and create a precipitate. Very often the contamination is accumulating in skin folds. To the skin of the pet remains healthy, it should be promptly cleaned with a special delicate shampoo. Bathing a cat is recommended at least 1 time per month.

Bald cat Bambino has a faster metabolism than her siblings. Therefore, eating it takes longer. But be careful and avoid overfeeding: Bambino are prone to obesity! The diet should be of high quality and balanced.

The rest of the care of the breed standard.


Bambino is a young breed created by crossing the Sphynx and Munchkins.

Breeding work was in 2000, but the breed is not officially recognized. The standards of the felinological organizations prohibit the combination of two mutated genes, so the Bambino refers to the experimental group.

The popularity of cats is not affected. Every year is a hairless cat and Dachshund are becoming more and more connoisseurs.

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