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Bengal cats – a multifaceted nature that combines the best qualities of Pets and exotic traits of their wild ancestors. Beautiful brindle color, expressive eyes and a strong character business card small home of leopards, who are very popular and in-demand all over the world and not get tired to please the eye.


Bengal cats affectionately called leopardinum or cats from Bengal, and all because of the unusual spotted coat, thanks to which wonderful Pets is incredibly similar to the real (though miniature) leopards.

Bengal cats grow quite large, their weight often reaches 9 kg, while the lightest weighs Bengal, as a rule, not less than 5 years. The Bengals strong, muscular torso, largely proportional to the body’s head, small, rounded at the tip ears, thick tail of medium length with a slightly rounded tip. The eyes are large, oval, expressive, can be any color except blue and aquamarine (for TICA).

The coat of the Bengal is short, dense and very soft. Color is the hallmark and one of the main advantages of the breed and has a wide palette of spotted tabi (black, chocolate or cinnamon color spots and black tip of the tail) and marble tabi (wide images or color “snow leopard” – white with spots, marble markings).

In General, Bengal cats are very expressive and unusual Pets, real homemade Panthers with proper striking good looks and an incredibly strong character.


Bengal cats are quite calm and balanced animals, which along with the best qualities of Pets is quite developed and the instincts of wild ancestors. Are natural hunters and anglers, with the need to move above the average. And if the neighborhood with a wise older Bengals, as a rule, is a pleasure, it is playful, inquisitive and really restless kids can bring the owner a lot of trouble.

Setting the stage for a Bengal cat, you should understand that these Pets are very agile. Passive recreation the Bengals always prefer active play and exploration of the world, for good health they need space, and pay tribute to the instinct of the fisherman, the Bengals just love to splash in the water.

In relation with people and other Pets Leopardi often demonstrate the extremes: they can be too affectionate and even obsessive and can stick too independent and detached. Wilful little predators need the attention of the owner and friendly upbringing. Developing in the atmosphere of love and care these Pets grow incredibly cheerful, sociable and loyal to the owner, and in the case of lack of attention – often capricious.

This cat with a strong character who doesn’t like to sit still, constantly develop and enthusiastically learns about the world. We can safely say that communication with the Bengals never gets tired of the owner, because they have too much innate talent and a whole life ahead, to double their score!


Nature has given leopards miniature good health and longevity: with proper maintenance, the life expectancy of the Bengals often is 20 years.


Bengal cats have retained much of their exotic ancestors, and, like its wild brethren, cleanliness and grooming they can support on their own. However, the owner must monitor the health and wellbeing of your pet, ensure its proper, balanced diet and the required load, once a week to conduct a home inspection and to comply with routine vaccination and treatment against parasites.


Bengal cats were bred in the United States in the 20th century a talented breeder named Jean Sugden of California. Creating an unusual breed, she crossed the cat-the leopard, Felis Prionailurus bengalensis and American Shorthair, and the result of their work has received a lovely, healthy house cat with some traits of their wild ancestor.

Subsequently, the selection Sugden joined Dr. Centerwall from the University of California. He improved the breed, involving also breeding Siamese, Burmese cats and the Egyptian Mau, and gave hybrids Sugden, which continued the breeding of Bengal cats.

The breed was registered in 1983, TICA, and a little later, and CFA. Today Bengal cats are popular all over the world, love and appreciate them in our country.

Interesting fact

The Bengals are excellent swimmers and love to splash in the water, it is easily explained by their innate instinct of the Fisher.

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