American Wirehair

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American Wirehaired would be twins American Shorthair, if not for the special texture of the fur. The coat of these cats, despite the short hair, beautiful Volnitsa and pouchitsa, and its color can be quite varied. Unlike their active relatives – American Shorthair – haired cats have a relaxed (and even phlegmatic) temperament and are renowned for their almost canine devotion. It is amazing showers and contacts Pets.


American haired cat of medium size, weighing 3 to 7 kg. On the General characteristics of this breed – almost an exact copy of the American Shorthair differs only in the texture of the coat.

The American Shorthair strong Constitution, good bone, well-developed musculature, narrow bones in the limbs of medium length. The neck is short and strong. The head is broad, rounded, of medium size, the muzzle is bulky, square-shaped, with prominent cheekbones and full cheeks in males. The forehead the nose slightly concave. Eyes large, round, expressive; the ideal color blends with coat color. Ears of medium size, with rounded tips. The tail is of medium length, proportionate to the body, with a rounded tip.

The coat is short, dense, hard, slightly wavy. The tips of the hairs are bent by the hook. The color can be any, except colorpoint, lilac and chocolate.


American Shorthair cat has a real character. She used to walk by itself and seeks to take from life all the best. Every day for the “American girls” is a new journey, a new adventure. This energetic cat loves to explore the world, even if it is limited to home and play.

American Shorthair is very sociable. They are happy to interact with family members and guests, and surprised by the sincere kindness and friendliness.

This is the perfect breed for one person, and for the family. American Shorthair easily find a common language with everyone and, as practice shows, can charm even the skeptical to the cat people.


American Wirehaired naturally have good health. The average life expectancy of these cats is 14-16 years.


This breed is low maintenance and care. The hard coat requires little attention, it is enough to comb only once a week.

The health and proper development of the cat are based on balanced nutrition, routine vaccinations and treatments against parasites. Do not forget about the preventive examination by a veterinarian.


The homeland of the breed is new York, wherein 1966 as the result of a spontaneous mutation, there appeared the first representative of the American Wirehaired. The unusual kitten was born in the kennel and immediately drew the attention of the breeder. Subsequently, she began breeding work to strengthen the hard texture of the coat and as a result, a new breed. In the breeding work was part American Shorthair.

Official recognition in the United States the breed was in 1978.

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