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California in sequins – a graceful cat with the appearance of the wild ancestor and the meek, peace-loving character. The perfect pet for a large and happy family who loves to be the center of attention and difficult to tolerate loneliness.


California in sequins (other names: American California, the cat in sequins) is a medium-sized cat, weighing 4 to 8 kg. a Characteristic feature of the breed is the appearance of wild ancestors, and a soft, creeping step.

California cats have an elongated body, strong bones and well-developed muscles. Limbs long and strong. Due to the almost straight angle at the elbows of the forelimbs the impression that the cat takes paw back and slightly bend down to the floor as if preparing to jump. This feature gives the walk, even more, scratchiest and efficiency.

The head of California in glitter medium size, the outline clear and harmonious. The transition from forehead to muzzle weakly expressed, forehead and cheekbones slightly convex.

The muzzle is bulky, medium length, firm chin. The eyes are large, almond-shaped, set wide and slightly obliquely. Eye color harmonizes with coat: the snow leopard blue eyes, other colors eye color varies from golden to brown. Ears of medium size, with rounded tips. The tail is long and uniform in width, fluffy.

The coat is short (on the tail and the belly fur is slightly longer). Color: spotted tabby. Spots on the body can be round, square or triangular. They have clear outlines and do not merge with each other. The tip of the tail is always dark, along the entire length of the tail are dark rings. Breed 8 colors: black, brown, red, Golden, bronze, grey anthracite, blue and silver.


Cat, preserved wild ancestors, would never have become a sofa Bumpkin – and California in sequins confirms it! However, despite the natural activity, curiosity and playfulness, it’s a harmless, good pet, which is completely alien to aggression.

California in sequins easily finds common language with all others. She is loving, friendly and very sociable. Throughout experience with the breed, you will wonder how an endless supply of energy these cats and their sweetness, tenderness and openness.

California in sequins – the perfect pet for a large family who loves to be the center of attention and loving solitude.


California in glitter good health and their life expectancy is 12 years.


Like all cats, “California” different natural cleanliness and accuracy. They require minimal maintenance and, in General, are in need of standard care. Grooming involves weekly brushing.

Don’t forget about well-balanced nutrition, vaccination, treatment against parasites, and regular examination by a veterinarian.


The wonderful breed was born thanks to the idea of a Hollywood scriptwriter Paul Casey to create a home a miniature leopard with a meek and gentle nature. Succeeded him in 1986, when after the difficult and long selection work expected quality of the breed was finally fixed.

Ancestors of California sequined steel Siamese, British and American Shorthair, Abyssinian, Manx, as well as a unique street cats of Asia and Egypt. Word family tree “of California” incredibly diverse, and for the complete formation of the breed was created for 11 of previous generations. However, the result definitely was worth the effort!

Cats with the wild look of their ancestors and ideal for a pet character was named California in honor of the state in which they were created. The word “sequins” in the title owes its appearance of round dark spots, similar to the plumage of certain birds.

Today California sequins are highly appreciated by breeders around the world and are considered a real novelty.

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