Can kittens fruits and berries?

Можно ли котятам фрукты и ягоды?

We love our Pets and often they anthropomorphize our. For example, even if the kitten eats food of the highest quality, we worry about it: and if he likes to eat the same thing every day, and suddenly he was tired of dry pellets, and can still feed it vegetables? A familiar situation?

Chelovechina Pets, we give them their feelings and habits. It would not have been without variety in the diet, and the same thing we think about cats. But cats are predators, and the basis of their diet is meat. Therefore, the diet of cats monotonous.

However, in addition to meat cat still need other ingredients. Let’s see how it works in the wild. When the cat eats the prey (bird or rodent), in her organism, not only meat, but all the contents of the stomach of this production: herbs, grains, vegetables, fruits, berries, etc. a Small percentage of such foods are very helpful to her. But does this mean that at home to a special dry food or canned food, you need to add vegetable components? No, and no again.

If you get a balanced, finished feed (dry or wet), no other products of the kitten is not needed. The composition of the finished product lines already include all necessary components for the baby, and the extra food will only lead to imbalance and metabolic disorders. In addition, many fruits, vegetables, grains and berries difficult to digest the cat’s body and are a serious health hazard. To understand all this and determine in what proportions to introduce foods in the diet, is no easy task. That is why balanced feed is ready so popular.

Можно ли котятам фрукты и ягоды?

But what if the kitten tries to steal a berry blueberry? Did the child (and the kittens are just like children) it is impossible to feed the fresh berries, because they are so full of vitamins? You can! Just find a special balanced diet for kittens with berries and fruit in the composition. As a rule, wet rations. For example, in “the Chicken of Marengo” for kittens (“gourmet” Treats) contains berries (blueberries, cranberries, lingonberries). You can give this food to your pet as treats, main diet or in combination with dry. Read more about this in the article “Can we feed the kitten dry and wet food?”.

The advantage of the quality of prepared diets – the perfect balance of components. Here is so many berries, fruits and grains as you need a kitten, but the main ingredient remains the meat.

Do not forget the Goodies: in modern pet stores, you can find real delicacies for kittens, which diversify their diet. The main thing – do not overdo it. Always follow the rate of feeding and possibly purchase products within the same brand and class: they are well combined with each other.

Bon appetit to your kid!

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