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These Pets are known for their cleanliness and accuracy. For many of them, washing is one of the favorite activities, to devote to which they are ready for hours. Its rough tongue the cat can easily lick at her settled the dust and removes odors. In a word, performs all the necessary steps to match the reputation of the neat pet and copes with this task! Of course, looking at such a neat, hard to imagine that it needs additional bath treatment. However, many experts recommend bathing them periodically – and always with the use of special tools. So do I need to wash cats?

To answer this question, it is enough to look out the window. What do we see there? Roads, cars, exhaust fumes, dust… Germs are everywhere, and if the pet walks by himself outside the walls of the apartment, then rest assured, its pure fur can not be.

But with domestic cats, which have the idea of the street only a view from a window, the situation is like in the same way. Bacteria and germs get into the house on our street clothes and shoes, spread through the air and inevitably settle on the fur of Pets. When the cat washes, these substances enter the stomach and often cause the development of chronic diseases. To avoid this, experts recommend bathing their Pets because it is not only a way to keep them well-groomed appearance, but also health care.

How often to wash a cat?

Now we know that cat bathing is not only possible but necessary. That’s just how often?

If your pet is often outdoors, then it must be washed as required but not less than 1 time in 2 months. The cat, not leaving the apartment, it is enough to wash 1 time every 3-4 months, thus it is impossible to forget and about regular combing! Hairless animals are usually bathed more often.

Нужно ли мыть кошек?

Dishwashing cats

Bathing Pets is recommended with the use of special tools which can effectively remove all dirt from the fur. Only the water here is powerless: to get rid of excess sebum and unpleasant odors without shampoo will not work. Use only special high-quality tools for cats, as they effectively clean skin and coat, it does not wash away the natural protective layer, and also have useful features.

Human Soaps and shampoos, on the contrary, categorically not suitable animals for the pH and adversely affect the condition of skin and coat. Inappropriate tools often cause dandruff and dermatitis, and hair after their application becomes dull and lifeless.

Especially dangerous is the usual shampoo for kittens. No matter how carefully you rinsed the cat after washing, the chemistry of it still remains. Once in the stomach when washing, it is likely to provoke a serious eating disorder. While the special products for kittens and cats is perfectly safe. Properly selected shampoos and conditioners (in accordance with the type and condition of the coat) are the keys to the perfect coat of your pet, its health and beauty.

Do I need to wash the cat during shedding

During molting to redeem the pet will also be helpful. Washing speeds up the process allows you to remove a significant amount of excess fur and, consequently, to avoid possible problems with digestion.

Who should not bathe?

Do not wash cats after vaccination and during the entire period of quarantine. Kittens should be bathed after the change of teeth.

Extremely careful you need to be with pregnant animals. The procedure of washing, no harm to them does not bear, however, the stress that is often accompanied by swimming can be a threat to the health of the cat and its future offspring. In addition, while bathing increases the risk of injury. In an attempt to jump out of the bath, the pet can get hurt. That is why bath procedures expectant mothers are best not to. But how in that case to keep them clean?

If the cat soiled a mild enough to use with a damp cloth and a comb. But if you want to clean all the fur, it comes to the aid of dry shampoo that is used without water. He just put on the coat and combed, removing excess oil, dirt, and unpleasant odors.

Dry the cat after washing

Contrary to the majority, the cat after washing it is not necessary to dry it with a hairdryer or try to create greenhouse conditions. A healthy pet calmly gets dry at average room temperature. The only thing in the room there should be no drafts, otherwise, the cat can catch a cold.

Don’t forget that for many animals the procedure of bathing is a real stress. Be affectionate with your pet, talk with him and in any case do not punish, because he is not naughty, but truly afraid. Teach your Pets to bathe from an early age of life, in the future, they treat this procedure more safely.

Нужно ли мыть кошек?

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