How to trim nails of the cat?

  • Why do cats claws cut?
  • How often can I trim nails?
  • How to trim cat claws?
  • Overview of tools

Do I need to cut the cats claws? If Yes, how often and how to do it? Let us consider these questions together!

Why do cats claws cut?

In terms of street living cats claws are upgraded and sharpened in a natural way: at the time of leaving territorial marks kostevych, climbing trees, movement on different types of soil and surfaces, overcoming great distances.

Pets generally move much less and go more often on softer surfaces, so some kogtetochek for “the perfect manicure” is not enough. Much regrown claws grow into the pads and cause the cat not only discomfort but severe pain. Caught a claw in the fabric, the cat may injure itself not only the claws, but paws. Especially not for a injury-prone kittens. The long talons of suffer not only do cats but also furniture, Wallpaper in the apartment, and often the owners themselves. So the problem can and must be fought. To remedy the situation the owners have with the help of special kogterezki and their own skills.

How often can I trim nails?

All cats are individual, and the speed of regrowth of the claws is no exception. Perhaps your cat will need to “manicure” once a week, and neighborhood – every few weeks, and Vice versa. It should also be remembered that the claws grow back unevenly, those single claw on the paw can be long and sharp, but others are still short. On forepaws claws are much sharper and grow faster than the rear.

Average to adjust the length of trimming is recommended once in 3-4 weeks.

How to trim cat claws?

1. Armed with a special tool. Conventional nail clippers – even very good – for this role is not suitable. Cat’s claw structure is different from the human nail. You shorten it with scissors, it will start to crumble and exfoliate. Better buy a special tool that takes into account the anatomical structure of cat’s claw, made of high quality steel and with excellent sharpening for maximum efficiency.

It can be a nail clipper and guillotine Show Tech (there are different sizes and shapes in accordance with the size of the pet). Calm, accustomed to the grooming of cats will fit grinder Moser.

2. Provide good lighting for places where you can trim nails.

3. Cuddle the cat. Let her be relaxed and happy. During the procedure, don’t panic, be calm and careful cat felt your peace of mind and confidence.

4. Lock the cat in a convenient for nail clipping position. You can do it yourself or call a assistants: all depends on the temperament of your cat and its relation to hygiene procedures. Some Pets quietly tolerate trimming nails, the other is enough to hold with one hand, others are having a battle for life and death, and they struggle to cope with a few people. Be careful, watch out for his safety and the safety of the pet. If the cat breaks, carefully wrap it with a towel or blanket, so she was not scratched and did not run away.

5. Gently press the cat on the foot pad by the claw. Carefully cut each claw, not touching the blood vessels (pink section clearly visible under the white plate claw). Cut the claw at a distance of not less than 2 mm from the vessels. If the offending vessel to start bleeding and the cat will experience severe discomfort.

If you touched a blood vessel, treat the wound with chlorhexidine. Then hold the gauze pad to stop the bleeding, or apply a special krovoostanavlivayuschee powder (for example, Bio-Groom Sure Clot).

6. After the procedure, be sure to praise the cat and give her the treat. She deserved it!

Overview of tools

  • A pair of scissors. Nail clippers for Pets are not allowed, otherwise the claws will start to break down and exfoliate. However, the pet industry has its counterpart to our scissors – compact kogterezki, which is very useful for shortening the claws of kittens and small animals. These scissors allow you to carry out the procedure easily and gently.

Как правильно подстричь когти кошке?

  • Pliers, or, as they are called, large nail clipper (for example, Comfort Large Show Tech). This is a classic tool for trimming the claws of adult cats and dogs. Better to choose a nail clipper with a limiter for safety procedures and handle made of nonslip silicone for greater convenience. The sharp cutting surface of high quality steel makes the procedure comfortable and painless for the pet.

Как правильно подстричь когти кошке?

  • Nail clipper-guillotine. This tool works on a different principle than scissors and clippers. During the procedure, the claw is placed in a special holding hole, then the groomer pushes on the handle and the tip of the claw is cut with a blade. The result is fast, smooth and accurate cut. But the tool has its disadvantage: due to the restraint of the hole, it cannot be quickly removed from the claw, and it increases the risk of injury. So the guillotine is recommended to use for relaxed, accustomed to the grooming of Pets.

Как правильно подстричь когти кошке?

  • Grinder. This is the most secure tool to trim the claws, the perfect solution for those who are afraid to hurt the pet. It’s something like an electric nail file, like those used for hardware manicure in beauty salons. It is more convenient to use wireless compact grinders with different speeds and set of bits (for example, Nail Grinder 4 replacement polishing heads). This allows you to configure the tool for a specific pet. Grinder is suitable for all Pets: dogs, cats, ferrets, rodents and birds.

Как правильно подстричь когти кошке?

Try to create a pet with only pleasant associations with grooming: this will greatly facilitate the care of your pet.

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