Can we feed the kitten dry and wet food?

Можно ли кормить котенка сухим и влажным кормом?

Dry food in the diet of a kitten gradually to enter at the age of 1 month. What about canned food? Can I feed a kitten only wet food? How to combine dry and wet rations?

In nature, wild cats do eat meat. From this product they get the needed amount of liquid. In General, cats drink much less water than dogs. This feature is due to their evolution. Dwelling in the desert areas to accommodate the body of the cat for a long time to go without water. This quality has saved their lives. However, our Pets often it is health.

Moisture retention due to increased concentration of urine in combination with poor diet and lack of fluid intake leads to the development of ICD. This is one reason why it is so important to pick high quality and really any food for the kitten and to ensure that he always had access to clean drinking water.

Можно ли кормить котенка сухим и влажным кормом?

But if the dry food, everything is clear, then how about wet? Can I feed a kitten only wet food?

Wet food to a greater extent meets the needs of cats than dry, because it is as close to natural food. So, to feed a kitten wet food is not only possible, but desirable. But not all wet food are equally useful. For the baby you need to choose superpipeline line, designed specifically for kittens. Their composition takes into account the peculiarities of the growing organism and includes only safe ingredients.

Unfortunately, to feed your kitten only wet food is expensive and not always convenient. For example, wet food in an open pack or dish spoils quickly. And if Breakfast kitty only ate a third of its food, then everything else will have to throw out.

Problem saving decide dry food. Quality super premium line is also very useful for kittens. Only downside: there’s little moisture. So not to worry if there is enough kitten drinking water, dry and wet food can be combined. To baby body can easily assimilate the feed, it is better to stick to the lines of one brand. As a rule, they go great together.

It is recommended to choose a dry and wet food of super premium class and one brand developed specifically for kittens.

Можно ли кормить котенка сухим и влажным кормом?

How much wet food to give to the kitten? And how much dry? The rate of feeding is always individual and depends on the weight and age of the baby. This information is listed on each package.

Diet can be constructed from a 50% wet and 50% dry food. While different kinds of food are not mixed in one plate, and are given separately as for a full meal. More economical, the ratio of this wet food for Breakfast and dry food throughout the day. Such a diet will completely fit your pet and will allow the owner to save the budget.

Despite the use of a combination of wet and dry food, mix a natural diet food is not recommended. This will lead to nutrient imbalances in the body and the mass of resulting problems.

If you decided to feed the kitten finished feed strictly stick to it. As well and Vice versa. If you give your baby natural food, the prepared diets (whether wet or dry) it is not suitable.

Match the diet carefully. Only through proper feeding your helpless little bundle grow into a large, strong and beautiful cat!


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