How to feed a cat

  • Diet cats in the wild
  • A routine food
  • Water
  • Vitamins
  • Meat and fish
  • Dairy products
  • Protein of different origin
  • Vegetables, cereals
  • Dry, moist and canned food

To assess the health status of an animal in his appearance and behavior – the right body type, lively attitude and good digestion or low mobility, a sharp discharge or weight gain – all of which can be an indicator of a correct or incorrect supply. A feature of the diets of cats that proteins make up a significant (~35%) portion of their food.

Diet cats in the wild

Like most predators, cats in the wild eat mainly meat and internal organs. Structure and “equipment” animal teeth designed for tearing off the pieces, it is absolutely not intended for chewing. Cat in nature eats smaller animals, mostly mammals but also some birds and insects.

A routine food

Pets require multiple meals throughout the day. The volume portion is affected by a number of factors – age (as a consequence – the level of activity), its General condition, metabolism. The average figures for the required calories for the cat – 250 and 300 kcal per day.

With proper feeding it is advisable to supply your pet the individual dishes and the Mat on which he will have – many, like in the wild, pull out pieces of food from the bowl, tearing them and then eat – this could become a serious problem for owners of expensive carpets.

Cats are holders of relatively small stomach relative to its body, so it is better to feed smaller portions, but more often, otherwise, it will try to eat your lunch as quickly as possible, and it will end the opposite process near.

Also, the owners of pride of cats should be considered behavioral conditions in the group – all very different characters. Bullies tend to take food from a more relaxed, in this case, you need to share their place for lunch.


The cat must be clean water, preferably in your own container. Often they may refuse to drink ordinary tap liquid – often the substances used to ensure the necessary consumer quality, leave a pungent smell. There are simple ways – you can boil the liquid or give a fussy pet drink one bowl of food at once.


Cat to develop and grow in certain amounts of different vitamins. Each of them has their sources and use.

For healthy development and growth of the animal necessary vitamins of groups A, b, C, D, E, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, etc. In a balanced diet, the amount of these substances contributes to the proper growth and development of cells, enhance immunity, prevents the impairment of reproductive functions.

Meat and fish

In the opinion of the overwhelming majority of specialists-nutritionists, the cat should be given cooked fish, without bones and skin. Also, it is best to the product was normal room temperature – no need to give it cold or hot. This food is a good source of fish oil (they sell it separately in stores). Besides, it’s easy to “spice up” the additions of grains, cereals, or other useful products, which are separately cat is unlikely to be satisfied.

As for eating meat, the main point is not to give your pet food that includes any of the hormonal drugs. Often on poultry farms, chickens and other birds give such substances in various applications and is extremely unlikely that the cat got such a dose. Otherwise, you’re good for almost all lean meats and a number of internal organs.

In addition to meat as a nourishing product can be used and eggs – ideally, the yolks mixed with milk. Besides that, it doesn’t take a lot of time!

Dairy products

Milk contains a wide range of essential cat micronutrients and protein, but several species are lactose intolerant, which makes the product virtually unusable. You can try to replace cow milk goat, cream, or a substitute. Like people, each pet has its own taste for food, some just don’t like milk. Tastes can change during pregnancy – it is better to track these changes and to give the cat the elements of which it is deprived without the use of milk. It can be diluted with water for all Pets who love him, except for the kittens – they need a higher concentration of nutrients.

As a nice Supplement to the standard food, an animal can treat a piece of cheese, in this case, almost all agree in their tastes!

Protein of different origin

For cats a good mixture of vegetable and animal proteins – building a line of power pet, you should always remember that he is by nature a predator and vegetable protein is not suitable.

Vegetables, cereals

Cats need these foods in small amounts – you can add them to the main dish.

Cute Abyssinian kitten Looks up, wants to eat

Dry, moist and canned food

The market of pet food is so full and varied that to choose a good and suitable for a specific animal diet is not difficult. The industry has matured enough for a long time, she passed many stages of development. Manufacturers carry out numerous and costly studies on the effect of feed on animals of various breeds, ages, etc.

These foods mainly consist of a complex of different kinds of meat, cereals, vegetables.

Most cats ready to feed have to taste. It should be borne in mind that the use of dry food a cat requires more than the usual amount of water.

The market for such products is full of very specific products – foods, supplements. Sometimes it is acceptable to treat a pet or give Goodies as rewards when training, but do not overdo it – frequent use of treats can disrupt the nutritional balance.

Despite all the arguments – be careful and watch the reaction of cat food – in the case of the negative influence of a change of food, it will also be useful to give information to the manufacturer.

Take care of your pets and take care of them!

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