Can we get a dog or cat if you have allergies?

  • Is it possible to have a pet with allergies?
  • Can allergies go to me?
  • Are there hypoallergenic cats and dogs?

What to do if I have allergies and have a pet you really want? Are there hypoallergenic breeds? Is there any chance that the allergies go away by itself? Will dot the “I” in our article.

Is it possible to have a pet with allergies?

The decision to have a pet should be deliberate. Before you bring a pet into the house, experts recommend making sure that neither you nor other members of your family are not allergic to it. With this approach, the problem disappears by itself.

But often the situation is developing differently. People didn’t know what he’s allergic, not yet brought home a pet. And then he gets a set of symptoms: the nose is stuffy, eyes watering, overcome by sneezing and coughing. What to do in this situation? Where to go? Give the animal back?

It is important to understand what experience any allergic reaction. The allergen may be hair, skin cells, saliva, or feces of the pet. And sometimes that Allergy does not occur on the pet and its attributes: for example, the filler or antiparasitic spray. There are cases when people thought that he is allergic to the cat, and it turned out that the cat is neither here nor there and to blame the shampoo. A nice twist!

If you have any allergic reaction, visit an allergist and get tested to identify the allergen. Pending the results of the analyses of contacts with the pet it is better to limit.

When you know what you have an allergic reaction, to resolve the issue of acquiring a pet would be easier. If the allergies to specific animals make them not worth it. If you are allergic to wool – as much as you liked fluffy cats – it is better to stay away from them. Health is not a joke!

Можно ли заводить собаку или кошку, если есть аллергия?

Can allergies go to me?

Allergic to the enemy. Sometimes it appears very sharp, sometimes it abates and sometimes disappears altogether.

The man could never be allergic to animals, and all of a sudden it manifests. Sometimes, the Allergy only occurs on a particular cat, and with the other your contact is fine. Sometimes mild allergic reaction occurs when the first contact with the pet, then it goes away, and you live with him in one apartment and sleep on one pillow. If the body adapts to the allergen and no longer reacts to it, but not always. There are many other, different, cases where the Allergy was accumulated, intensified and led to complications: for example, asthma.

Mild allergic reaction may itself undergo and no longer occur, and can give serious complications. Be sure to consult your allergist. Do not risk your health!

Are there hypoallergenic cats and dogs?

Hypoallergenic breeds are, unfortunately, a myth. There are no such breeds of cats or dogs that are suitable for everyone with allergies, without exception.

Case allergen. If you have an allergy to wool, can you really have a hairless dog or cat, and all will be well? Harder if allergic to dander or saliva. But there are always options. Maybe if you didn’t the dog or cat, you may consider rodents, turtles, parrots, or goldfish?

Можно ли заводить собаку или кошку, если есть аллергия?

We wish you a strong immune system and those Pets that will suit you in all respects!

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