do you Need a vaccination to a cat?

Нужна ли прививка кошке?
Do vaccinated domestic cats? This question is often discussed at specialized forums and distributed in veterinary clinics. It would seem that walking cats understand everything. They are daily in contact with other animals, so vaccinations they need. But what if the cat never leaves the apartment? Whether it needs a vaccination?

In practice, specialists do not make the difference between walking and pet cats. Vaccination is shown and the first and the second. Moreover, it is not just a recommendation, but a mandatory measure is safety of both the pet and those around him.

But as the domestic cat can be infected with a virus? To answer this question, let’s see how the virus spreads. Most often the virus is transmitted by airborne droplets. As example, the path of the direct contact animals: diseased cat sneezes and excretes into the air is corrupted by virus cells, healthy cat inhales them, and through it the mucous is infected.

There is another way of infection is oral-fecal. Example: an infected cat sniffing feces sick cats and infected.

Нужна ли прививка кошке?

And now let’s go back to the home pitomitsy. They don’t go to the street and therefore not in contact with potentially diseased animals and their waste products. It is really so. However, possibilities of infection – weight. Here are the main ones.

  • The virus enters the dog house. Your cat may not be in the street, but unpleasant surprises from the outside world into the house can bring the dog.
  • The virus enters the host. Even if the dog you have not, the virus can get into the house on your shoes or clothing. Many viruses are very viable and quite successfully “travel” with the remains of excrement on the soles of shoes or on clothing. For example, a virus you can “share” the owner of the sick animal you encountered at a pet store or the drugstore. If the house your cat will sniff your shoes or clothes, she’ll get sick.
  • The virus is filled with grass from the street. Almost all cats love to chew on fresh, green grass. But not all owners acquire oats at the pet store. A cost on their own and tear the grass at the cottage or in the yard. Do not repeat this error: the risk of infection through the grass is very high!
  • Force majeure. Don’t forget about contingencies. Life is full of surprises. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that the cat will not run out of the apartment in the open door, or perhaps not run away from carrying on the way to the vet. Imagine how helpless is her body in front of others viruses?

Only one conclusion: the vaccination to be. No matter the animal is your pet a couch potato or hereditary. Timely vaccinations protect pet from dangerous diseases, many of which can lead to death. This is the case when the risk is not worth it.

Be responsible: vaccinate Pets!

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