What is wet cat food better?

Wet food is the ideal choice for a pet. As a rule, they are very tasty, easy to digest, as best suited to the diet of cats in the wild contribute to maintaining the water balance in the body and reduce the risk of developing ICD. The more we talked about this in the article: “What food is better: dry or wet?“. But not all preserves are created equal. About how to choose wet food for cats and what to pay attention in the first place, we tell in our article.

  • Composition.

Before you buy the feed you need to carefully study its composition. In the first place in the list of ingredients should be meat, because cats are primarily carnivores.

It is important that the composition was spelled out all the ingredients and their percentage. Let’s take a concrete example. The composition of canned tuna with salmon Petreet looks like this: tuna (min. of 60.1%), salmon (4.1%) and rice flour (1%). Components clearly spelled out, and the buyer all clear. But on the packaging of other brands, you may come across vague language, e.g. “meat products”. What are the products and the proportions in which they are used remains a mystery. Not to buy “pig in a poke”, pay attention to this nuance.

When choosing a canned food, navigate the preferences of your cat and its individual characteristics. Some Pets adore seafood, others will prefer the classic chicken. True the fussiest of eaters will appreciate the unusual flavors of vegetables and fruits (such as canned food “Treats”). Fortunately, the selection of wet diets is a very wide and perfect delicacy for any pet.

For cats with food allergies and sensitive digestion, it is better to buy special mannoproteins canned. They can be made of Turkey or only rabbit (as in the line Monoprotein Cat from Monge). The use of a single source of protein allows you to exclude from the diet of potentially allergenic components.

Make sure that the composition was not part of the flavor enhancers, preservatives and artificial dyes.

Good food does not contain derivatives, GMOs, preservatives, vegetable proteins, soy, liver, bones, skin and offal.

  • Class feed.

Choose from the wet cat food super-premium class. The content of the main ingredient (meat) in the leaves about 60% of the total composition. Note the designation of that ingredient in the composition. For example, 60% of tuna to the name “tuna”. If the content of tuna is lower, as a rule, canned food is spelled “tuna” or “tuna”.

Canned super-premium class are made from the highest quality, freshest ingredients. For example, mannoproteins could cat Monge meet the quality standards applicable to the production of baby food.

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  • The type of raw materials.

When it comes to frozen products lose their useful properties. So food was made from fresh and chilled raw materials.

  • Production.

Please note the country of production. In the previous paragraph, we said that the best-wet food not made from frozen, and fresh and chilled raw materials. If we are talking about seafood, choose rations that are produced at the plants at the place of origin. For example, a can of tuna “Treats” available in Thailand, where it was caught fish.

  • The quality of packaging.

Wet diets is pouchy in soft packs or canned in special jars. Whichever feed type you choose, its packaging must be complete and durable. It is important to preserve quality!

Many owners prefer rations in small canning jars. Such portions for a single feeding, so don’t worry that the remaining food will spoil.

Great choice – canned in jars with a Teflon coating (like the Petreet canned). Teflon coating has unique properties: not wetted by water and fats, is not destroyed under the action of external factors. The product in this package is not oxidized for a long time and stays fresh and useful.

  • The expiration date.

One more important thing is the expiration date. Even the best-wet food loses its value when too long storage. Always check this point and do not buy products with expired shelf life.

Pleasant, and healthy shopping!

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