Cat to the country!

We waited a long time for summer and here it is already here! The holiday season is in full swing. The sun is warm and animated nature attracts not only us but our cats: they are happy to inhale the air from the window and dream walk on the green grass. Want to take a cat with you to the cottage? If she’s accustomed to transporting and is not afraid of the street, it’s a great idea! But to rest is not marred by trouble, the trip should be prepared in advance. In our article, we will explain what steps should be taken for the safety of your pet and what things to take with you.

  • Inoculating

Isn’t it time to re-vaccinating your pet? Open veterinary passport and verify the validity of the previous vaccination has not expired. Nature you can take out exclusively vaccinated animals. This is necessary to protect both their and your health.

  • Treated cat from parasites

In nature, the cat has all the chances to be bitten by ticks and fleas. That infection has not occurred, the cat needs pre-processing from external parasites. Not day trips, and 2-3 days before it (depending on the particular drug) in order to take effect. Carefully read the description of the drug and strictly follow the application instructions.

  • Carrying

Even if the cottage is very close and you are transporting a cat in your own car, it still should be in a special carrier for transportation. Not on hand, not in a backpack and not carrying tight fabric, and spacious shelter with good ventilation. Don’t forget to put on the bottom of the diaper!

  • Food and two bowls

Rarely leaves the country without a set for a barbecue. But food for cats forgets many! Diet pet outdoors should be the same as at home. Be sure to bring the usual cat food and two bowls (separate for food and another for water).

  • Tray and filler

Don’t expect a house cat as scheduled will ask for the street to go to the toilet. If she is accustomed to the tray, and in the country, she is required too.

  • The harness

Even if you have a very quiet cat who never showed traction to run, you may not know how it behaves in nature. Perhaps instincts will prevail over the manners, and the cat will try to flee or climb a tree, which then it would be difficult to get off. Therefore, for safety, it is recommended to print a cat on the street solely on a reliable harness.

  • In a collar with Reznick

To be sure, wear a cat collar with Reznick. If the pet will run away, it will ease her return home.

  • Aviary

Of course, to walk the cat on a harness not everyone likes. And the pet feels no freedom. But there is a great alternative – a special enclosure. It can be very spacious, and the cat will be able to enjoy your walk in a safe, limited area.

  • Clearing the territory

Before you allow the cat to walk around the area, carefully inspect it for safety. On earth should not be of glass, sharp sticks, and other items that are potentially dangerous for the animal.

С кошкой на дачу!

  • Bench

After exciting walks, the cat will sleep like a baby. And to sleep was especially sweet, bring her favorite couch!

  • First aid kit

Closing our list of first aid kit! If you are traveling with a pet, it should always be with you. A first aid kit should be equipped with everything necessary to provide the cat first aid (bandages, wipes, disinfectants alcohol-free, wound healing ointment), as well as sorbents, thermometer, sedative (recommended by your veterinarian), contact nearby veterinary clinics and specialist that if anything could be contacted at any time, and so supplied with the kit specifically for your pet it is best to discuss in advance with the veterinarian.

What would you add to this list? Tell me, do your cats go to the country?

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