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The chocolate Yorkie is a graceful friendly cat with smooth chocolate color, and expressive green eyes. Affectionate, sociable and sensitive, they are considered a wonderful choice for large families. Ancestors of chocolate Yorkies – the Siamese of the old type.

Шоколадный йорк


Chocolate York cat of medium size, weighing 7-8 kg. the Breed is a become of the Siamese of the old type.

The torso is elongated, with no signs of heaviness, skeleton thin, muscles moderately developed. Legs are long, slim and strong, the paws are compact, rounded. The neck is long, thin. Head rounded, the muzzle is of medium length, the transition from forehead to muzzle smooth. Eyes large, wide apart, rounded, Golden-green color. Ears large, erect, with rounded tips. The tail is long and thin.

The coat is semi-long, fine, soft and silky. The hair is always a very magnificent tail, some cats have thick fur. Color: solid chocolate or lilac, as well as the combination of these colors. Kittens have a lighter color than adult cats. To 18 months it is possible to have on the fur markings (tabby, tipping).


York – the perfect pet friendly for a large family. It seems that he has boundless energy, and his cheerfulness is the envy of the whole world.

The chocolate Yorkie is very active, and they love to play and prefer to always be in the middle of it. With the people, they are open and affectionate. Indeed, and strangers Yorkies also met a very friendly.

Contact and sensitive cats can easily become their owner’s best friends and companions, and their dedication to a close person remains the same throughout life.


Chocolate Yorkies good health. There may be problems with wool, but with proper maintenance of health problems in Yorkshire are rare. Life expectancy the average varies from 11 to 15 years.


Care for a chocolate Yorkie standard. To brush hair 2 times a week. Don’t forget about good balanced nutrition, treatment of parasites, vaccinations and preventive examinations by a veterinarian.

Шоколадный йорк


The birthplace of chocolate Yorkies – the United States. Its name, the breed owes the city of New York, in which it has evolved, and even chocolate color.

The first representatives of the breed resulted from the crossing of two cats, whose ancestors were of the Siamese of the old type, in the 80-ies. The chocolate color gene is dominant and passed down from generation to generation.

Thanks to the amazing chocolate coat and enviable way and friendly temperament Yorkies all over the world have proven themselves as ideal Pets.

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