How to transport a cat to another city or country

  • Car
  • Bus
  • Train
  • The plane
  • Carriage in the cabin
  • Transportation in the baggage compartment

Pet owners often find it necessary to organize the transportation of their Pets. A vacation whether it’s repaired in the apartment or move, but the question “How to transport a cat?” sounds again and again. It is not very difficult, but at the same time, not the easiest process, and it’s not just about the stress Pets, but the existing rules of transportation, without compliance to which your idea will fail.

You have to understand that it can be carried the only animal that treated against parasites and does not bear potential health risks to surrounding people and animals. When shipping by any method the animal must have a veterinary passport, which will contain all the data about the pet and also spelled out surrounding vaccinations.

Note: before transporting the cat must be vaccinated against rabies not less than one month before the planned date of transport.

If vaccination were made to the cat for a long time, more than 11 months before the trip, she will no longer be relevant, will have to vaccinate the animal again!


Undoubtedly, the easiest way to transport a cat is your personal car. If you are traveling to Russia, just in case just take her passport and veterinary certificate form No. 1 for long-distance travel.

If you plan to cross the border, you need to be familiar with the rules of transportation and plan your trip according to them.

For transportation, by car, a cat is placed in a convenient container, whose dimensions do not interfere with the driver’s vision. Typically, the container is placed in the back seat is fixed: a fastened safety belt.


Another fairly simple method is to transport the cats on the bus. In this case, except veterinary passport, you must have a strong, secure carrying, from which the cat can’t get out on their own. Strict requirements for bus transportation there, as long as the cat was healthy and did not cause others inconvenience.

If during a trip you plan to keep a bag with a cat on my lap, to pay for transportation of the animal is not necessary, you will carry the pet as your personal Luggage. However, for convenience, it is recommended to purchase a ticket for a nearby place to put a carrying. During the trip, it is recommended not to get a cat of carrying.


If you plan to carry a cat by train, you will need not only the veterinary passport with a mark of current vaccination against rabies and durable container, and veterinary certificate number 1, valid for three days. The transportation of animals on the train will be paid.

Before or on the day of the trip to the checkout station acquired a special receipt marked “a cat in a container”. We recommend you to purchase a receipt, then when you issue a passenger ticket. Be sure to ask whether it is possible to transport animals in a particular car. As a rule, small Pets are allowed in the reserved seat coupe and is not permitted in cars SV and superior.

If you need to transport two animals in one carrying, their number should be reflected in the receipt – check and follow this, otherwise, you may be forced to pay a fine, and it would be legal.

Pay special attention to the shipping container as there are regulated by specifications and dimensions. A carrier must be sturdy, tight-fitting, with good ventilation and a special edge at the bottom. Carrying dimensions should allow it to fit on the space allotted for baggage. At the bottom of the carrying case must be placed absorbent litter.

The plane

Transportation of the animal by plane is the most difficult. Yes, the plane is fast and convenient, but the requirements for such carriage mass. You should know that not all cases will allow you to transport the animal in the cabin of the plane, most likely, the container will determine the baggage compartment to get this information before the purchase of the ticket. The shipping cost will be calculated separately.

As in the previous cases, the cat should have a veterinary certificate with a mark about a recent rabies vaccine, the airline may ask for additional help – be sure to check this point before buying a ticket. There are also a number of strict requirements to carry.

Carriage in the cabin

To transport small animals in the cabin is not always allowed, but if the resolution is, as a rule, the salon economy class. Before booking tickets, be sure to check all the nuances: is it specific to aircraft carriage of animals, what places stand out for this, etc.

In the cabin the pet can not travel on their own, it must necessarily be accompanied by an adult. Carrying the weight together with the animal should not be more than 8 kg, and dimensions – not more than 25 x 35 x 45 cm if the cat weighs less then 3 pounds, then the container can be made of any material. If the weight of a cat more than 3 kg, it should be placed in a container of durable materials, with a secure lock and strong joint, and with a waterproof bottom and adequate ventilation.

Containers must be special, the animal in makeshift containers for the transportation will not allow!

Note: to release the animal from the container during flight is strictly prohibited!

Transportation in the baggage compartment

Container for the transportation of cats should weigh up to 32 kg (in a container can fit several cats), and its dimensions must not exceed 50 x 50 x 100 cm, also on the container must have handles for convenient carrying.

The container must be made of durable materials, the door is made of metal and latches doors must delve into the grooves of at least 5 mm. the bottom of the cage should be sturdy and waterproof, it should put a special absorbent diaper. The container must be spacious so that the cat could freely get up. The container must be vent holes, but of such a size that the cat could not get them in the head or paws.

Remember that in the cargo hold for animals, no one will be able to follow! If you suddenly have some kind of trouble, the airline will not be responsible for your pet. Therefore, carrying in the Luggage compartment should be only perfectly healthy animals, without such features of the breed as the hairless skin without wool on (during the flight so the cat can be supercooled) or flat faces from which the animals may have trouble breathing. Treat this moment with great attention and if in doubt be sure to consult with an experienced technician!

Note: rules and regulations of transport by any vehicle is constantly updated.

Furthermore, often the different transport company have their own requirements for the carriage of animals. So make sure to check all the information beforehand, specifically the transport company whose services you plan to use.

Do not forget about the health of your pet. Many of the animals in transit are experiencing severe stress. If your cat is difficult to tolerate transportation before you travel it is better to give the cat a safe sedative what you will tell your vet. Be sure to take water and food for the pet and the special diaper, in the winter, put it in a container of something warm (sweater or blanket).

Take care of your animals and good luck way!

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