Diabetes mellitus in cats

  • What is diabetes and how it happens?
  • Diabetes mellitus in cats: causes
  • Diabetes in cats: treatment
  • What to feed a cat with diabetes?

Whether there is diabetes in cats? – Yes, and unfortunately, quite often. About the causes, symptoms and treatment of this disease, we’ll talk in our article.

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What is diabetes and how it happens?

Diabetes is a disease accompanied by profuse and frequent urination (polyuria).

There are several types of diabetes: diabetes, insipidus, kidney, etc. the Most common diabetes – an endocrine disorder associated with impaired glucose uptake. The level of sugar in the blood of a sick animal is raised.

Diabetes, in turn, is also divided into two subtypes: an achrestic and not achrestic. In the first type of disease the insulin in the animal body is not produced, and its lack is compensated by the injection. In the second type the body, in contrast, produces too much insulin.

Diabetes mellitus in cats: causes

If insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus – a consequence of the removal or destruction of the pancreas, it is not achrestic develops on the background improper feeding and excessive weight.

It is from the sugar of not achrestic diabetes that often suffers from Pets.

Diabetes in cats: symptoms

Suspect diabetes in cats allow the following features:

– constant thirst,

– frequent urination,

– shortness of breath.

As well as the General symptoms are: dull coat, skin lesions (sores and rash), weakness.

Сахарный диабет у кошек

Diabetes in cats: treatment

The purpose of the treatment, as the diagnosis is the task solely to the veterinary surgeon. In any case, do not try to fight the disease on your own: you will only aggravate the problem.

Diabetes in cats and people treated differently. In addition, the treatment prescribed for one cat, may another. It all depends on the health condition, the physiological characteristics of the particular pet and the picture of the disease.

What to feed a cat with diabetes?

A sick animal requires a special diet, which will help the body cope with illness and to recover. In the treatment of diabetes proper nutrition plays a key role, as food intake directly affects the level of glucose in the blood.

It is very important to adhere strictly to the diet and not to violate the recommendations of a veterinarian, otherwise, the treatment will not bring results.

As a rule, the action of cat food for diabetes (e.g., Diabetic Monge Vetsolution) aims at normalizing the body’s metabolism, leveling blood sugar and weight control – the main cause of the problem.

The diet allows you how it is possible to reduce the manifestations of the disease so that it does not affect the quality of life of the pet in the future.

Follow the recommendations of the veterinary surgeon and take care of their Pets!

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