To the cat and the dog lived soul to soul

Since childhood, we used to think that cats and dogs by nature are the real enemies. However, this opinion is ruthlessly collapsed at the sight of the peacefully co-exist under one roof Pets. Not just getting along, and no interference in each other’s souls and selflessly caring about each other.

However, sometimes your instincts (and maybe jealousy of his beloved master, whom no one wants to share) take over, and cats and dogs can’t get along. In this case, to do master? – Of course, to help their Pets! There are a few secrets that will likely help to reconcile (and friends) “natural enemies” living under the same roof.

But before proceeding to them, it is worth noting that friendly towards cats are not all breeds of dogs. Some dogs have an innate rejection of not only cats but dogs of other breeds, so before you can have under one roof a cat and a dog, consult a breeder.

How to make a cat and dog

Once in your home, a new member of the family to take care of the temporary division of the territory and the improvement of comfort of each pet. It is not necessary to hope that the cat and dog get along from day one will start sleeping on the same couch. On the contrary, a new acquaintance is stressful for both sides, and you need to make sure that “newcomer” does not infringe on personal space, “the old man”, and he didn’t hurt his feelings, trying to recapture the same territory. “Evaluation” mutual sniffing for the first time will be enough, later I got used to the smell of each other, the animals will begin spending more and more time.

Almost 100% guarantee of success is the tender age newcomer pet. If you brought home a kitten, the kind and curious dog will greet him warmly and quite possibly even manifest themselves in the role of a nanny. An adult cat will be much harder to get used to the puppy-fidget, as curious, playful baby will cause damage to its majestic tranquility and isolation, but over time the cat will love the puppy and will take care of it.

  • Each pet should be your place to relax, where no one will disturb you. In this case, it is more related to cats. Get to her house, where she can hide and relax from the annoying games neighbor.
  • And another point to calm cats. The tray should be placed in a comfortable, distant from the dog place to the neighbor not interfere with the cat’s personal Affairs.
  • Get used to what to feed your cat and dog need at different times and better in different areas. Dogs eat food from bowls per meal, while cats eat small portions throughout the day. Do you think that will make the dog cope with his dinner? That’s right, he decides to empty the bowl neighbor, and your task is to control the diet of both Pets.
  • Dogs are ready to play day and night, whereas cats prefer to relax in solitude or to observe what is happening around from a safe distance. The dog is not pestering the cat too much attention, often walk with her and get a special toy that will occupy the dog in your absence.
  • Ensure Pets don’t hurt each other. Don’t let the dog much to bite the cat, and the cat is sure to trim nails, so she inadvertently has damaged the dog’s face, especially the eyes. Take care of the health of their Pets!

Punish pet if he’s hurt, my tail neighbor. Of course, the punishment should be correct, but to ignore them is not worth it, otherwise, you will never bring animals to hurt each other can not.

And the most important! The establishment of friendly relations between the dog and the cat more contributes to your attention. In any case, do not switch to one pet, paying attention to the second: so you will significantly increase the stress of the “forgotten” pet. Be attentive to all their Pets, so they weren’t there you jealous.

And don’t forget that dogs and cats are very different. Some love the attention, affection and openly show their emotions, others represent independence and solitude. The dog barks happily and wags his tail, greeting the host from work, the cat meets a man of quiet purring and tail wagging only in cases of extreme discontent. It seems that different creatures is very difficult to live under one roof, but practice shows the opposite.

Cats and dogs are not only great neighbors but best friends: they play together, eat together, sleep in the same bed, carefully wash each other and very much worry if they had to be separated for a while or if one of them got sick. Looking at these friends, I recall the phrase “Live like cat and dog”… And you know everyone would be so live!

Чтобы кошка и собака жили душа в душу

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