Skin disorders in cats

What organ in cats is the biggest? Of course, leather. It protects the body from wounds from hypothermia, overheating, dehydration, infiltration of pathogenic organisms and other harmful environmental factors. With such a load it is not surprising that skin diseases occur so often. In our article we will talk about the most common dermatological disease in cats and prevention.

Each of us at least once in life had any skin rashes or dermatitis. The same thing happens with Pets. You may notice on the body of the cat redness or peeling, scratching, sores, rashes, bald patches. In this situation you need to immediately seek veterinary specialist.

Diagnosis of dermatological diseases is a complex process. Manifestations of skin diseases are very similar, and to provoke them can a huge number of factors. Itching, scratching and other damage to the skin bring the animal great discomfort and open the body to penetration of infections. The sooner you begin treatment the easier it will be to cope with the problem.

Skin diseases can manifest themselves quite suddenly, at any age, regardless of health, breed or sex of the animal.

The most common dermatological disease of cats: ringworm, scabies, bacterial infection, and flea atopic dermatitis, food Allergy and food intolerance. Some of them, the cat becomes infected from others (for example, from other cats or dogs), other arise as a reaction to any stimulus.

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Unfortunately, the owner can not protect your pet from the influence of all negative factors and to predict its reaction to them. But there are actions which will help to reduce the risk of skin problems to a minimum. Here they are:

– processing pet from parasites

– limit contact with other animals, especially the homeless;

– regular hygiene procedures, the respective characteristics of a particular cat,

a balanced diet that ensures the intake of essential vitamins, minerals and fats. In dermatological disorders cats are assigned a special diet to maintain the function of the skin (example: healing grain-free diet Monge Dermatosis),

– no stress

– continuous monitoring of the health of the pet.

Remember that any factors that affect the immune system, can cause problems with the skin.

Treatment depends on the specific disease and assigned only a veterinary technician according to the results of tests and inspection. Any Amateur threat!

Take care of their Pets, and may they never get sick.

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