the Holidays without any problems, Or digestive disorders in cats

The long-awaited anticipation and preparation for the celebration, the clothes, the arrival of guests and, of course, the holiday table with exquisite delicacies – is this not happiness? But in a pleasant bustle, don’t forget to take care of their Pets, because in the period of noisy celebrations they need it more than usual!

Many cats are hard to tolerate noisy holidays. The arrival of guests, loud music, fireworks and firecrackers outside the window – all that could really scare them. In stressful situations, some cats become restless and anxious to misbehave, while others are hammered under a bed and not come out for several hours (or even days).

Another serious danger is the holiday table. If your cat is not shy and not hiding in the secret Annex, she can beg for food from guests or precipitating plates, while no one sees. Besides, it is very difficult not to treat her with a piece of meats for the party after all! Persuasion and attention, sometimes go by the wayside, and the result of unfamiliar food at the pet diarrhea begins!

Праздники без проблем, Или расстройства пищеварения у кошек

Stress and feeding food from the table to provoke the animals have diarrhea!

Digestive disorders in cats can spoil the party. Pet bad, he’s worried and often runs to the litter box, and the owner often has to clean up after it. But even if the cat will not eat off the table or bite, to protect her from stress, when around the fun and noise, it is impossible. What should I do?

To resort to using drugs without a critical need and purpose a specialist is not necessary. But to maintain the body with a special feed additives will be helpful. Quality products quickly cope with acute diarrhea and, unlike antibiotics, do not have contraindications, side effects and withdrawal syndrome.

The principle of action of such additives can be seen on the example of the probiotic “Procelin+”. Some components of its composition (kaolin and pectin) like a sponge to absorb toxins and harmful substances and eliminate them from the body. While others (Pro – and prebiotics) inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria that line the intestinal flora and strengthen the immune system (by the way, 70% of immune cells are found in the intestines). It’s like a natural “first aid” at home.

Праздники без проблем, Или расстройства пищеварения у кошек

But, of course, to focus only on supplements is not necessary. In advance, ask guests to not feed the cat and didn’t bother her if she has no desire to communicate. To deal with stress help special toys for cats. Perhaps inspired by a favorite toy (especially if it is with the aroma of Catnip or lavender), your beauty will not even hear of firecrackers. Another way to reduce stress is a natural calming spray, designed specifically to relieve stress and behavior of Pets, and anti-anxiety Supplement with L-tryptophan (for example, “Testofen”).

Hypochondriac, prone to anxiety cats recommends giving a sedative a few days before the holidays (it assigns a veterinary specialist). This will help to prepare the nervous system and to avoid severe anxiety.

Don’t forget that violation of the chair and stress (especially if they happen periodically) hard on the body. Don’t underestimate this problem!

Love your Pets and don’t forget about them, even if you have a house full of guests. They can’t do without you!

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