do dogs and cats air?

For washing of dogs and cats are special shampoos, which are chosen according to skin type and coat. For complete care after shampoo experts recommend the use of air conditioning. But is it true you need him? Let’s deal. 

Even if the pet never leaves the apartment, he needs to bathe. A cat or a dog may look clean, but over time the fur collects dust. With a pet, it goes on household items, and in the process of licking and in the gastrointestinal tract.

Нужен ли собакам и кошкам кондиционер?

To maintain hygiene help periodic bathing with special shampoo. The good shampoo effectively removes hair of dirt, excess oil, and maintains a well-groomed appearance. However, after washing, even with the best hair shampoo may be confused, electrified, could not meet. Why is this happening? Does this mean that shampoo is not good enough or just not a suitable specific pet?

Actually “problem” hair after shampooing, it’s normal, even expected. To remove the high dirt, the high-quality professional shampoo works as follows: it reveals the keratin scales of the outer shell the hairs and deep cleans it. The result is achieved, but the hair when it loses the smooth texture. If it is not “smoothing”, it will start shining, to lose moisture and Shine, hair is confused, break down and turn into mats. Avoid allowing this conditioning.

To protect the pet from skin problems and hair, after shampoo always use conditioner! It required any domestic dog and cat.

After the shampoo is the conditioner smooths the protective sheath hairs and closes ruffled scales. The correctly chosen tool creates a protective layer around the hair, facilitates combing and makes hair electrified. As a result, hair becomes smoother and firmer than it was before bathing. But that’s not all pluses!

Professional air conditioning:

  • neutralize remaining on the skin and wool detergent components of the shampoo, which can be very difficult to wash off,
  • restore normal pH,
  • protect hair and skin from drying out and harmful environmental influences,
  • improve blood flow, nourish and strengthen the hair follicle,
  • normalizes the sebaceous glands,
  • restores damaged hair structure, gives it additional properties: elasticity, volume, softness, silkiness, enhance color, etc.

For best results, it is recommended to use professional shampoo and conditioner of the same line. Make sure that the funds fit the individual characteristics of your particular pet.

Нужен ли собакам и кошкам кондиционер?

So, do Pets air conditioning? The answer is obvious!

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