do you Clean cats teeth?

To preserve oral health, we brush our teeth twice a day. And what about our Pets? Do I need to clean the teeth of cats or the nature of everything?

The nature of nature, but the teeth of cats similarly lose their whiteness. They get a plaque, which eventually turns into Tartar, causing inflammation of the gums and destroys your teeth. But if you regularly care for the oral cavity of the pet, all these problems can be avoided. How to do it?

Daily cleaning of the teeth with ease would solve the problem: toothbrush removes 80% of plaque in just half a minute! But how often do you meet the cats, who enjoy a similar procedure? Right, there are none. So, use other methods. I will please you: a lot of them!

  • Step 1. Proper nutrition.Dental health directly depends on the nature of the diet. Any food unsuitable to the cat is the load on the oral cavity and the digestive system in General. But if the cat eats high-quality dry food, her teeth safer. Dry granules are mechanically scraped from the teeth of plaque and prevent the formation of dental calculus. Cats’ teeth cleaned during the meal. And no water, toothbrush, and toothpaste!
  • Step 2. Of dental Goodies.The diet of cats is not only the main food but also treats in which you spoil her. And they should also be useful. The combination of good dry food and dental treats – a double whammy for dental plaque. Dental treats clean off plaque, which failed dry granules, and freshen breath. You need to choose a special series for oral health and fresh breath. In pet stores, these treats a lot. This, for example, crunchy pads “Healthy teeth” from the “Treats”, as well as any dry food (always good quality!).

Чистят ли кошкам зубы?

  • Step 3. Safe dietary supplements for healthy teeth.Another method of controlling plaque and calculus are special food supplements such as natural Supplement with algae ProDen PlaqueOff. Unlike other funds, they are not short-term, and systemically, that is, protection of teeth is provided 24 hours a day. Once in the body in the form of supplements, nutrients excreted with the saliva and prevent the formation of plaque. The result is usually noticeable after a couple of weeks.

  • Step 4. Useful toys.Properly chosen toys is not only a way to diversify leisure, but also an effective aid in maintaining health. For care of teeth and oral cavity are special dental toys (e.g. Orka Dental the banana, the wheel and “Mint leaf” from Petstages). Toys clean off plaque, massage gums and freshen breath. Be sure to give a couple of my cat!
  • Step 5. Preventive examinations by a veterinarian.Dental problems don’t always occur because of poor nutrition. They can be inherited or be triggered by other factors. Therefore, even if the cat is well-fed and looks good, it still regularly need to drive to the inspection. Timely detection of the problem will as quickly as possible to stop it and will save your budget.

  • Step 6. Listen to the expert.Depending on the condition of the teeth, the veterinary surgeon gives a different recommendation. One of the cats is quite a balanced diet, others need to be cleaned your teeth with a special paste, others want to undergo treatment, for example, to remove Tartar. Treatments can be expensive, but the sooner you start them the better. Dental problems do not go away on their own. Procrastination will inevitably lead to the deterioration of the situation and, consequently, spend more.

Take care of the health of their wards, and let their teeth will always be healthy!

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