When and how to transfer a kitten to adult food?

Когда и как переводить котенка на взрослый корм?
  • When to switch a kitten to adult food?
  • How to transfer a kitten to adult food?
  • What food to choose?

At what age kittens are transferred to adult food? Than diets for kids differ from adult diets? How to perform a transition to another feed without stress to the body? To these and other questions are answered in our article.

When you purchase a kitten from a responsible breeder, many issues with feeding you bypass the party. Typically, the pet is already 3 months and he is able to eat independently. Depending on the type of food he eats or ready to feed, or natural products. If you are satisfied with than a kitten fed a breeder, you just continue to stick to the diet. If you want to change food or change the type of feeding, do it gradually, even after the kitten adapts to the new house. In the first days after the move it is possible to feed only the usual food, i.e. that is what he was given by the breeder. Even if this choice is not very you like.

A proper diet of kitten contains high amounts of fat and protein. High nutritional value is vital for the harmonious development of the body. The kid is growing by leaps and bounds. He has a very fast metabolism, and only a special diet kept pace with its needs. On poor, unbalanced or inappropriate diet kittens grow weak, lethargic and painful.

That is why the ready to feed are more popular than natural products. To achieve a perfect balance of components is almost impossible, and when natural feeding is a risk that the kitten gets all the necessary nutrients. Ready to feed, on the contrary, is fully adapted to the needs of your pet. The only thing: you need to choose a good quality dry food (super-class).

Когда и как переводить котенка на взрослый корм?

When to switch a kitten to adult food?

The kitten grows and develops throughout the first year of life. About a year the growth is completed – and the kitten turns into a handsome adult cat. Changing not only his appearance but also behavior, and needs.

In 1 year a cat does not need highly nutritious feed for kittens. It has to be translated to the adult diet, with moderate fat and protein.

If this is not done, the pet will appear overweight and have a problem with musculoskeletal disorders.

How to transfer a kitten to adult food?

Any change in diet should occur gradually and in stages, otherwise a lot of stress the body is provided.

Adult food is introduced into the diet gradually, in limited quantities. You continue to give pet food for kittens and slowly diluted it with food for adults. Dry food can be mixed in one bowl (for the early 70% of the feed for kittens and 30% of the feed for adults). With wet it will not work: it is better to alternate the canned food for kittens and canned food for adults. Gradually the ratio changes in favor of the adult diet until you reach 100%.

If you follow the natural type of feeding, ration changes must be agreed with a veterinary technician. He will tell you what products to focus in feeding your adult cat.

Когда и как переводить котенка на взрослый корм?

What food to choose?

Food for kittens is assigned from 1 to 12 month of life. Once a cat marks a year, she transferred to balanced diet for adult cats.

It is advisable to choose a line from one brand. For example, if a pet ate food Monge Kitten, the achievement of the year is it better to translate into food for adult Monge Adult Cat (or another line of the same brand).

The compositions of the feed from different manufacturers can vary greatly, while the formulation of one brand are well-combined and easy to digest. The same applies to the combination of one diet dry and wet food better that they were a single firm.

Choose super-rations. The basis of their composition – selected meat. This corresponds to the natural needs of cats, because it is primarily a predator! The super feeds are made from quality, safe ingredients that are perfectly balanced with each other. Additional vitamins and minerals in this cat feeding is not required.

Before you buy, read the packaging of food. Check out the composition, purpose, shelf life and package integrity. To achieve results, be sure to follow normal feeding (this is also stated on the packaging) and mix in a diet of prepared and natural foods.

Even the highest quality diet will not bring your cat a favor if you will feed her sausages and condensed milk!

Feed your cat right, and her health will tell you “Thank you!”.

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