What to feed an older cat?

Age-related changes are characterized not only by us but also for our Pets. Cats in the elderly are not as active as before. Their “weak” places become vision, hearing, joints, and cardiovascular system. But a balanced diet, matched according to age, allows you to slow the aging process and maintain the health of your pet. What to feed an older cat?

At what age is a cat considered old? To this question no definite answer: it all depends on the features of the breed (large cats quickly grow old), body condition, and specific pet in terms of its content and quality of feeding. The better conditions – the slower the aging cat.

Conventionally refers to older cats aged 7 years. It was during this period in cats is slowly beginning to deteriorate eyesight and hearing, deteriorating immune system, making the body vulnerable to new and old diseases. With age, deteriorating mobility, having disease musculoskeletal: arthritis, arthrosis, and others. But in practice, all not so bad. Aging is not a disease but another life stage, which with proper care will not affect the quality of life of the pet. And the main component of such care is a balanced diet. What to feed an older cat?

Чем кормить пожилую кошку?

To maintain health, beauty and wellbeing help special balanced feed for older Pets. In the name of such product lines is usually added the word “Senior”. To transfer to them a cat is recommended for 7 years.

What food for the elderly differ from the standard ration for adult cats? Let us consider the example of Monge diet Senior Cat. It is composed of:

  • Extract the core of the pineapple is a natural source of bromelain. This component performs the most important for elderly function: prevents blood clots, prevent cancer, reduces swelling of soft tissue and accelerates the regeneration of injuries, eases inflammation, and improves digestion. And this is just the basic of it’s benefits.
  • Rosemary extract – a powerful natural antioxidant. Neutralizes free radicals and protects against negative age-related changes. Supports the overall body. Prevents deterioration of vision and the condition of the teeth.
  • The high content of vitamin A – for prevention of weakening vision.
  • The high content of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. Age-related changes affect appearance: the skin is dried, and the hair becomes dull and weak. Fatty acids nourish skin and coat from the inside out, maintaining their health and beauty.
  • Taurine is a component that supports the cardiovascular system.
Чем кормить пожилую кошку?

These components distinguish the food for older cats from the standard rations for adults. Other components can remain common in all the compositions. This, for example. H. O. S. for the control of intestinal microflora, Jukka shidigera to eliminate unpleasant odors, rosehips for boosting the immune system etc.

The granule size is another important feature of diets for older cats. As a rule, they are slightly smaller in size, and their shape is gentle on the teeth and clears them of plaque.

Feeding old cats have to be agreed with the veterinary specialist. The transition from feed to feed is performed smoothly to reduce the stress to the body.

Having defined the diet strictly follow feeding recommendations and do not indulge pet food from the table. To be effective, the diet must adhere to, otherwise no use of even the best feed will be.

Don’t forget about clean drinking water: it should always be freely available for cats. Drink plenty of water – this is also the prevention of aging.

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