Why cat cries at night?

Cats are wonderful creatures and loving them is simply impossible! However, even the sweetest pet can bring the owner to a white heat. For example, if you take it a rule to shout at night so loud that sleep can say goodbye! What is this habit?

The cat is yelling at night: causes

  • Hormonal surges.

If your pet is not sterilized, is likely to cause night ora lies in hormonal boom. Often cats start screaming in the spring. They feel the call of the instincts, hear the cries of the relatives of the window, and the air seem to float a romantic mood – you can’t sit still? Here is a pet and worried, shouting to the owner let him go in search of the second half. But to do that, of course, not worth it.

Cats that have known the binding, shouting even more than their innocent counterparts. It is a mistake to believe that it is enough to bring a pet on a date once a year, and he will be calm. Nature has a far more impressive appetites, and to keep the cats need more often. Therefore, if the pet is not involved in the breeding, it is wiser to resort to sterilization.

But why the neutered cat screaming at night? After sterilization, hormonal background is aligned, and the behavior is normalized gradually. However, if you delayed the procedure and the cat is already used to make a Serenade under the door, to wean him from it will be much harder.

  • Boredom.

Boredom is a frequent cause of night screaming. Cats are nocturnal animals. When the whole house is asleep, they have nowhere to go, no one to run to, nobody to “talk” and play. So they Express their anguish as they can. In this case the op.

  • Attempts to attract attention.

Some Pets are real manipulators. Perhaps they believe that the owner is bad to sleep all night and correct the situation with vocal exercises. Of course, they would be more happy if the owner woke up happy and played with them in the teaser. But if you chase the cat around the apartment with the newspaper in hand – too bad. Surprisingly, in a world of many cats with a fondness for such “catch-up”. Even if the Pope arrives, the goal is already achieved!

Почему кот кричит по ночам?

Kittens night concerts Express the longing for the mother looking for attention and protection, because alone under stress. As they grow, this behavior takes place.

  • The cat wants to walk.

Sometimes the owners themselves provoke their Pets unwanted behavior. For example, yesterday you decided to bring the cat in the backyard “just so”, not targeting regular walks. And the cat liked it, and now she’s bored sitting in the apartment. Hence the shouting at the door.

  • Disease.

Unfortunately, the cause of the cat’s cries can be a serious disease. The cat feels unwell, feels restless, and, perhaps, the pain that is expressed by a scream. Usually indicate illness and other symptoms. In any case, better to be safe and to take the cat to a reception at the vet.

All of us like to think that everything is always under our control. But do not forget that Pets are living beings with its own characteristics and needs, from his nature. And they are largely unable to disagree with us! If a “bad” cat behavior seems unreasonable, it is not necessary that the way it is. Learn the habits of the pet, watch him and don’t forget that you always, under any circumstances, remain a family and team!

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