How to feed a cat wet food?

  • Rules of feeding cats wet food
  • Why a cat is better to feed wet food?
  • Disadvantages of feeding cats wet food

A pet’s health largely depends on what foods are included in his diet. High-quality, balanced wet food will help him to meet old age vigorous and full of energy. But even products of the superclass can cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract if it is incorrectly combined with the dry feed or natural food.

Rules of feeding cats wet food

  • the pet should always have access to clean drinking water;
  • opened tin of food should be stored in the refrigerator for 2 days after this time expires, uneaten leftovers should be discarded;
  • mixing wet food and dry not recommended — they should be given to different feeding;
  • if your pet eats natural products, and you want to add to his diet wet food, it is necessary to consult a specialist who will help to create a balanced menu for cats. This will help your pet receive a daily rate of beneficial vitamins and minerals, as well as the amount of food that he needed to preserve a great shape;
  • feed cats wet food, only the superclass. In the structure of the production, the economy consists of by-products that result from the processing of animal waste, hooves, feathers, etc.

Why a cat is better to feed wet food?

1. Many owners notice that their pet few drinks and do not consume the recommended amount of water even in hot weather. This can lead to negative health effects. Wet food contains a sufficient amount of water. Because of this, the animal gets not only healthy eating, but also a sufficient amount of liquid.

2. Feed the cat moist food is convenient. It does not require additional processing before use. Therefore, to make the pet a full Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, no need to spend the time to cook porridge, separately simmer the vegetables, pour over chicken in boiling water. Just open the jar and put contents into a bowl for the cat.

3. Wet food is divided into a special line, which takes into account the broad age characteristics of Pets.

4. Veterinarians recommend feeding wet food, sick and weak cats, after surgery and during rehabilitation.

5. Canned goods are easy to transport, they do not spoil and take up little space. So, if you want to go somewhere together with your pet, he will not have to change their tastes at the new place. You can always feed the cat her favorite wet food, to which she was accustomed.

6. There are many types of wet food, so the menu you can always add variety — pies, beef stew, pieces in a mild sauce, etc.

Как правильно кормить кошку влажным кормом?

Disadvantages of feeding cats wet food

  • short shelf life in the clear;
  • the cat can not be feed wet food straight from the fridge, you need to wait to warm it up to room temperature;
  • the high consumption. If you have fed your cat dry food, and now switched to wet, the difference in consumption of the product will increase several times.

To find out what wet food is best for your cat, is it possible for her mixed type of power, and in this case, it is her right to feed, you need to consult a veterinarian.

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