the kitten watery eyes: what to do?

  • Why the kitten watery eyes?
  • The kitten watery eyes: what to treat?

The eyes of kittens are watering quite often, especially at an early age, before the first vaccination. During this period, a child’s organism is still weak and can’t deal with a huge number of parasites and microorganisms that surround it. Different – and not very dangerous infection happy to use it and sticks to kittens, declaring itself a discharge from the eyes and other less pleasant symptoms.

Why the kitten watery eyes?

Along with infections to watery eyes and can cause other causes: colds, parasites, injuries and eye injuries, as well as more everyday problems such as an allergic reaction to the dust. To become inflamed can tear bags, the cornea, glands located on the eyelid (when infected by a tick), as well as the conjunctiva, which is the most common. Perhaps there is not a person or pet who has never had conjunctivitis, and that the enemy must know in person. Conjunctivitis is accompanied by redness and swelling of the eyelids, and it can also provoke a variety of factors: from the eye of foreign objects to infectious diseases. So what to do if your kitty has watering eyes?

The kitten watery eyes: what to treat?

First, clean the eyes with a special lotion, such as Clean Eye from ISB. It acts mildly and quickly relieves pain, reduces possible redness around the eyes. Non-toxic, absolutely safe, does not burn when applied and does not cause resistance and allergic reactions.

У котенка слезятся глаза: что делать?

Next, follow the development of the painting.

If during the day malaise kitten completely eliminated, congratulations, nothing to worry about. But if the discharge from the eyes was not caused by domestic cause, infectious disease, trauma, parasites, etc., if improvements during the day and does not occur in the presence of other symptoms of distress – it is necessary to apply to veterinary technician.

Beware. Do not forget that the disease is easier to prevent than to treat, and take care of the health of their Pets. Because they trust it to us!

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