Why do cats whiskers?

  • How to properly called whiskers in cats and what are they like?
  • Why does the cat need whiskers?
  • Can you cut cat whiskers?
  • What to do if a cat’s whiskers fall out?
  • If grow a mustache the cats?

It’s hard to imagine cat without the luxurious mustache! However, nature has invented not for beauty. Century after century mustache helped the cats survive in the wild, and today home hunters without them not to manage. So what is their function? About it in our article.

How to properly called whiskers in cats and what are they like?

Cats whiskers grow not only under the nose but on the forehead, around the eyes, chin and even on the feet. More precisely, the right not to call them “mustache” and “whiskers”. It is a sensitive stiff hairs, longer than the coat. Just on the body of the cat such hairs are about 40 pieces and only 24 of them – on the face.

In contrast to the simple hair, vibrissae surrounded by hundreds of nerve endings and muscle fibers, and the root goes deep into the tissue.

Each vibrissa is a separate organ of touch, which is 24 hours a day uninterrupted transmits a signal to the brain of the animal. Vibrissae are not only at cats, but many other mammals, including dogs.

Зачем кошке усы?

Why does the cat need whiskers?

Whiskers can detect vibrations in the air and help cats navigate in space. Such “devices” cat, even at night in an unfamiliar room will not crash into things, always will smell the mouse and accurately calculate the distance of a jump.

Whiskers help the cat to understand the safety of the food. In the wild, the huntress wraps around like a mouse caught mustache, identifying dead prey and whether to start the meal. Similarly, the analyses pet food and treats at home. Caution in such matters is always useful!

Vibrissae serve cats to communicate with each other and with man. On the status of the mustache attentive host always determines the mood of your pet.

Can you cut cat whiskers?

Is it possible to shorten the cats whiskers? Any expert answer is: in any case. Vibrissae is an important body, the loss of which will result in for cat extreme stress. The cat, suddenly lost their mustache, will be worse to navigate in space and made to feel exposed and vulnerable until, until you grow new.

Adults must explain to children that pull their moustaches cats cannot. In addition to the loss functions, it is also very painful, because vibrissae, unlike wool, are rooted deeply in the tissue. Mustache cats must remain intact!

Зачем кошке усы?

What to do if a cat’s whiskers fall out?

Now we know how important cat’s whiskers. But what if they suddenly started to fall out? Do I need to sound the alarm?

From time to time vibrissae are updated in the same way as animal hair and human hair. Therefore, if you notice the house dropped or broken us, but not to worry. It’s okay!

Another thing – if whiskers fall out and break in large numbers. It is a signal that the body something is wrong. Maybe it’s the seasonal adjustment and possibly internal affliction. Don’t ignore the problem and refer to a veterinary specialist.

If grow a mustache the cats?

In the place of fallen whiskers will be new. Vibrissae grow about three times faster than regular wool, which once again tells about their importance to pet. Without a mustache cats anywhere!

Take care of your mustache to your cat, because they cherish her!

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