Javanese cat (avant)

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Graceful, graceful cat of Oriental type with a soft semi-long coat, painted in soft colors, and bright eyes. Proud hunters, who tend to really the dog’s affection to the owner. Sociable and good-natured friends.


Javanese cat (Avant) is a pet of medium size (slightly bigger than the Siamese), with a long, graceful and muscular body.

Javanese have long, thin limbs, tiny oval paws, long and elongated neck, fitting into the wedge head. Muzzle thin, the nose is long and straight, the chin is medium in size. Eyes: almond-shaped, situated slightly obliquely, color: bright green or dark blue cats with white coat color and color points. Ears large and pointed. The tail is long and thin.

Coat of medium length, fine and silky. On the shoulders, tail and collar of the coat is longer. Monochromatic color corresponds to the color of Oriental cats, colorpoint and Siamese.


This is a classic cat of Oriental type: on the one hand sociable and affectionate, and with another – proud and independent.

Javanese cat loves to be the center of attention and keep the conversation going by its measured, melodious and soothing to the ear, “meow.”

She likes to follow the master like when you are proud of it, likes to feel care and approval. Not getting proper attention, a pet will feel bad.

Sleek and sporty, this cat is a talented hunter and just loves the movement and active games. It’s not a cute goof, but a real home predator whose movements are fascinating grace and ease. To have in the house a pet – true happiness!


Javanese cats have good health and average life expectancy is 15 years.


This breed is easy and needs standard care. Cats who love affection, I just love when they comb, which makes it significantly easier for owners of it. Do not forget about a balanced diet – the basis of health, necessary vaccinations, antiparasitic treatment and preventive examinations by a veterinarian.


Javanese cats were removed during the selection work on the Balinese breed as a cat of Oriental type with semi-long hair. The debate about whether the “Javanese” long-haired “the Balinese people” or is it a separate breed, and now continues. Despite the tangled history, Javanese cats, according to many, are some of the most beautiful cats in the world, and this is still a rare breed grows with time.

Яванская кошка (яванез)

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