Sokoke (African cat)

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Marble beauty native to Africa, whose graceful appearance is still reminiscent of the wild African cats. However, contrary to the terms of free ancestors, sokoke – the most loyal friends and one of the contact and sensitive Pets. They are very attached to close people and tenderly cherish their love and trust. This is a very active cat for people who appreciate the grace and motion.

Sokoke (or other names, the African Shorthair and hudsons) is an elegant cat of medium size with a beautiful marble color and big bright eyes.

Complexion sokoke average, the structure is elegant and balanced, bones strong, the limbs long and strong. The head is wedge-shaped, seems small compared to the body. The muzzle is neat, compact, high cheekbones, well-rounded, nose medium size, chin wide. The eyes are large, almond-shaped, color: from amber to light green. Ears of medium size with slightly rounded tips. Desirable lynx brushes. The tail is of medium length, tapering to the tip.

The coat is short, shiny, dense with sparse undercoat or without him. Color: marble tabby coat Tekirova, the tip of the tail black.


Sokoke – a real home Cougar: graceful, dexterous, active, and independent. It is perfectly through the trees, surprisingly good swimmer and every day with gusto exploring the world. Do not start sokoke, if you dream about cat pillow, because this little hunter is always in motion, loves to run, jump, play – in short, almost never sitting still.

Sokoke best friend who will always support any venture. She is affectionate and gentle with the owner and family members, not abandoning friendship with other cats and even with dogs, finds a common language with children, very helpful and attentive, never imposed, if the owner is busy.

This cat is undemanding and easily adapts to different conditions. She will be comfortable in a spacious apartment, but the best place for a small predator – country house with private garden, in which she will be able to walk freely.

Сококе (африканская кошка)


Sokoke thermophilic and low temperature may harm them. Overall, this is a cat with good health and a strong immune system, however, the rock has a marked tendency to meningitis and stress.

With proper maintenance the lifespan of sokoke the average is 15 years.


Wonderful coat sokoke virtually no undercoat, which is a small gift to the hosts of this lovely cat. Thick hair enough to comb out only 1 time a week. Coat does not cause the hosts trouble, and by nature looks neat, besides the neat pet and he thoroughly monitors its purity.

In General, care breed standard. It includes brushing, ear cleaning, nail clipping, preventive examinations and treatment of parasites, routine vaccination. And, of course, do not forget about a balanced diet – the basis of the foundations of good health and long life pet.


Sokoke cat native to Africa, from the distant Kenyan forests. Her ancestors – wild cats hozonho (translated as “like tree bark”), which primarily lived in trees and ate insects. Wild marble beauties were absolutely fearless, calmly walked to the people and loved to chat with them.

In 1979, an Englishwoman living in Kenya, sheltered hozonho cat, with kittens, and soon her friend brought two kittens from Africa to Denmark. These events marked the emergence of a new breed. In the future, cats are cultivated in special nurseries, carefully avoiding inbreeding.

African Shorthair was recognized in 1992, first in Denmark and later in other countries. Today it is a rare breed, still reminiscent of the wild inhabitants of the Kenyan forests, but with the kindest soul of the domestic cat.

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