Why interactive toy is the best gift for a cat?

Почему интерактивная игрушка - это лучший подарок для кошки?

Mice, balls and teaser are still traditional toys for cats. However, they are not able to do so much and for so long to interest your pet as doing this special interactive toys. But what toys we call interactive and why they should be in every home where a cat lives? All in good time.

Interactive toys work automatically and designed to ensure that pet played them on their own, without the participation of the host. This innovative development is aimed at the formation of interesting leisure of our tailed friends, as well as their physical and intellectual development. The main purpose of interactive toys engage the pet in an enthusiastic game, and to stimulate mental and physical activity. In practice, the useful properties of such toys, of course, much more. Here are some of them:

  • Interactive toys to fully satisfy the needs of cats in movement and hunting. This is a great physical exercise, which is very important for the prevention of weight gain, which tend to all domestic cats.
  • Interactive toys develop ingenuity, agility and coordination pet. They not only captivate, but also learn to find solutions in unusual situations. So do not be surprised that after playing enough cat will show unexpected talents in education and, for example, demonstrate the tricks.

Почему интерактивная игрушка - это лучший подарок для кошки?

  • Interactive toys provide safety Wallpaper, furniture and other interior items or personal belongings of the owner. Even if you long time not at home and you can’t keep track of time pet, be sure to play with an interactive toy for him is much more interesting than to sharpen its claws on your favorite chair.
  • Interactive toys will ensure you a peaceful sleep. As you know, cats are nocturnal animals. And very few hosts can boast of having a little home hunter does not prevent them from sleeping at night. Through interactive toys, this problem is solved, after all, passionate about the game the cat won’t wait around the house in search of adventure. In addition, there are special toys that do not produce any noise (for example, the track with flashing ball Petstages).
  • Interactive toy will give you lots of smiles. Otherwise, it is impossible, because your happy pet on your eyes will happily run around his toys or to show the wonders of ingenuity. And here for it not be happy?
  • Interactive toys prevent stress. Thanks to exciting games with simulated hunting, the emotional potential of your home predator will be satisfied, which significantly reduces the likelihood of stress.
  • Interactive toys will make your cat healthy and happy. And this is the important point which due to the above needs no explanation.

But what toy to choose, because the range is fairly wide? In this question all depends on the individual preferences of your pet. Some cats are crazy about the tracks with balls (track Petstages). Others will not detach from the electronic toys of the type GiGwi Pet Droid, automatically producing feathers from the body depending on the movement of a cat, or KONG Glide’n Seek, in which funny tails move around inside the toy, and the cat gladly catches them.

In General, to find the perfect toy can only by trial and error. But do not forget that for a happy life in your pet should be a few toys and they must alternate, otherwise capricious cat will quickly lose interest in them.

Exciting games to your favorites!

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