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The laperm is a unique cat who throughout his life magically becomes something hairless, then again fluffy. Don’t believe? – See for yourself! Present you Lapirov – Pets with a mysterious coat and a wide, good-natured disposition.


Laperm (another name: Dallas laperm) is a cat provotorova type, medium size, weighing from 3.5 to 5.5 kg.

The laperm have strong bones and well developed muscles. Limbs strong, the front is slightly shorter than the rear. The neck is of medium length, the head is of medium size, triangular in shape with rounded contours, the transition from forehead to muzzle weakly expressed. The muzzle is well defined, his chin strong, vibrissae pillows developed. The eyes are large, almond shaped, their color does not depend on color of coat. Ears of medium size, with rounded tips; welcome lynx brushes. The tail is long, tapering to the tip.

Breed two varieties of coat: short and long (medium-long). The laperm coat is soft and silky, long fur curls. It allowed any color.

A unique feature of the breed is that every laperm for his life at least once becomes hairless. Most often, there is a naked kittens. Subsequently, the fur is growing back and, as a rule, its quality improves.



The laperm is a cat of rural type. Fun, energetic, inquisitive – in short, a real traveler, studying the world with her usual fervor.

Family laperm affectionate and sensitive. He’s a good friend and ideal companion which easily finds the approach both to people and other Pets.

Unlike many giperosmolarna cats, the laperm is never imposed on the owner, but he always appreciates attention and care. The breed is quiet, soft and very pleasant voice, so be sure you symbol your morning will not be Intrusive, “meow.”

If you dreamed of a home fuzzy, able to turn into the Sphinx, then the laperm is your perfect pet. And no magic!


This unusual breed was formed as a result of natural mutation and the specific diseases it has. The average life expectancy of supermom varies from 12 to 14 years.


The laperm is a low-maintenance pet, feel perfectly in terms of apartment contents. Future owner of a cat is unique to understand that the coat of the laperm is formed over the first year of life. At the age of 6 months short coat is easy to change long-wavy – and Vice versa. In addition, short-term laperm turns into a real Sphinx, and then he grows even more dense and beautiful coat.

In General, care breed standard and changeable hair enough to brush a couple of times a week.



Home to a unique breed is the United States.

In 1982 in Dallas (Oregon) as a result of natural mutations, the light appeared unusual kitten. It could be mistaken for a Sphinx if in the next two months from the moment of birth he has not grown a fluffy, thick coat. Hostess special kitten – Linda Coeli – called toddler’s curly. She made the decision to consolidate is an amazing feature and continue the line of breeding.

Thus, its origin the new breed owes spontaneous mutation caused by a dominant gene.

Laperm was recognized by TICA in 1996. This year is the adoption of the standard. Today, this is, without a doubt, one of the most unusual breeds of cats is a true rarity.

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