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In a past life, these cats were indeed taxes. Just look at their elongated torso and short legs – the resemblance is obvious! But the main advantage of the breed is not the original appearance, and angelic character, because throughout the world it is difficult to find a more affectionate and friendly cat than Munchkin.


The Munchkins can be called a tax in the cat world. They have an elongated body and very short legs, thanks to which this species cannot be confused with one another. The weight of the Munchkins is from 2.2 to 4 kg.

In General, the Munchkin cat is medium in size with well-developed (medium and strong) muscles and is pretty strong bones. Their head has the shape of an equilateral triangle, the muzzle narrow. Eyes large, slightly slanted, shaped like a walnut color. Eye color can be different and does not depend on the main color of the pet. Ears medium size, triangular in shape, straight. The tail is of medium thickness, fluffy, the motion is kept straight, lifted up.

The coat can be of two types: short and medium length. The undercoat is average. Gamma color is absolutely not limited.


It is no exaggeration to say that Munchkin – one of the most affectionate cats in the world. They are not prepared soul the master, love attention and affection, incredibly appreciate the concern, and their knees ready to get off for hours. It’s the perfect pet for large families, who will find a common language with all.

When Munchkin happy (and he is almost always satisfied), all the room is filled with his gentle purr. Munchkin is an incredibly sociable pet, and if the owner will lead a conversation with him, he will begin to respond to him, her sweet, pleasant “meow”.

Munchkin playful and lively, but do not forget that short legs pet, do not allow him to jump high. Therefore, the cat is not hurt, you can exclude from your games spectacular jumps. But you will easily be able to replace them with game balls, teasers, a maze and even learning tricks – these sunbeams will support any venture!



Contrary to the fears of many experts associated with the original body type of the Munchkins, with proper maintenance, these cats rarely get sick.

The danger may be a disease such as a lordosis, or, in simple words, the wrong curvature of the spine. However, it is a rare disease, which, moreover, can occur in other breeds of cats.

With proper care and maintenance, the average life expectancy of cats-taks is 14-16 years.


Care standard Munchkins. Short-haired cats, comb only 1 time a week and longhaired – 2 or 3 times. As required, clean ears and shortened claws.

Do not forget about periodic home inspection, visits to the vet, routine vaccinations, treatments against parasites, and, of course, correct feeding.


Remember the fairy dwarf folk from the famous movie “The Wizard of Oz” (1983)? This nation was called Munchkin, in his honor, and was named our short and funny Pets.

The unusual breed was popular in England in the ’30s, XX century, however, as with many other breeds and cats and dogs, she almost disappeared after the Second world war. Worldwide there are only a handful of Munchkins, but luckily, the breed was able to recover and develop.

The ancestor of the modern Munchkins is a short-legged cat BlackBerry from Louisiana, records of which go back to 1982.

In 1995 the breed was recognized by TICA. Development and approval of the standard belong to the same year.

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