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Singaporean cats – miniature Pets with large expressive eyes and beautiful bright color. Incredibly sensitive and affectionate, they become best friends and real members of the family. Worldwide it is difficult to find a more loyal and affectionate cat than Singapore.


The Singapura cat miniature pet, the easiest homemade cat in the world. Its weight usually does not exceed 3 kg and the sturdy build and compact.

The head of the Singaporean cats is small and round. Muzzle short and broad, with clearly defined vibrissae pillows. The males allowed to have saggy cheeks. The eyes are large, open, almond shape. It can be green, golden brown, or the color of a hazelnut, underlined by a dark brown rim. The ears are large, pointed at the tips. The tail is of medium length, narrow but not thin, the tip of the tail blunt.

The coat is short and very dense. Upper chest, inner sides of limbs and belly are plain, the color of old ivory. The hair on other parts of the body with the ticking (dark brown and light rings). On his forehead, there is a pattern in the form of the letter “M”. Along the ridge can go dark band corresponding in color to the tip of the tail. Paw pads are pink-brown.


The Singapura cat is an incredibly sensitive and sensitive pet that needs reverent care and attention, perhaps more than other breeds of cat. It binds strongly to the master, sensing his mood and tries to always be there. People close to the Singapura cat is very affectionate. The biggest happiness for her to feel the acceptance and care, while lack of attention can cause the most sincere and profound experiences.

However, the sensitivity of the pet can rival his curiosity. Singapore cats love to explore the world, eager to know everything about everything, their boundless energy, and lively temperament we can only envy.

Affectionate and appreciate the care of the pet at the same time self-sufficient and independent. If necessary, the Singapura cat in a matter of seconds to transform from a pet to a perfect huntress, and her talent, in this case, does not hold. In addition, Singaporean cats – the responsible mother, are known for their strong maternal instinct.

Overall, this is a good, harmonious and very humble pet with a pleasant, quiet voice, in every note of a sense of love and to the world.

Сингапурская кошка


The small size of the Singapore cats should not mislead you. Despite the fragile proportions, this hardy Pets with good health and a strong immune system, genetic diseases not peculiar to them. However, all you need to know the measure because despite the good health of the Singapore cat is short-haired and can easily catch a cold from the draught.

A note to future breeders, the females of this breed tend to the inertia of the uterus. In this disease natural childbirth is impossible and the problem is solved with the help of the cesarean section.

With proper maintenance, the life expectancy of Singaporean cats is 15 years.


Shorthair cats do not require complex care. Wool Singapore is enough to comb 1 every 2-3 weeks and once a week during molting. Their hair coat from nature looks neat and does not cause any problems to the owners. Singapore cats are very clean, bathe them very rarely, only if the cat is in something dirty.

The ears are cleaned as needed with a cotton swab dipped in a special product.

Special diets, the Singapura is not required, but food must be complete and balanced.


Сингапурская кошка

As the name implies, the rocks, the birthplace of miniature cats in Singapore, a country in South-East Asia.

This amazing breed was formed in vivo. For a long time, the ancestors of modern Singapore cats lived on the streets of the city because the locals were in no hurry to get me Pets. However, big-eyed beauties managed to win the trust of their two-legged neighbors, and since the early 90s, the Singapore cat became the mascot of the city, in their honor, even put a statue on the Riverbank.

For the first time from Singapore kinds of Pets were taken in 1971, the American geophysicist who visited the region for work. Enchanted strange breed, he gave another Singapore cat my friend who lives in Houston. Exactly what began to emerge, the popularity of indigenous breeds of cats in America. Already in 1976, Singapore cats participated in the exhibition, and in 1988 was published the first breed standard.

This is a striking and very rare breed of cats.

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