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The ancestor of the snowshoe is a Siamese, with which the rock has a lot in common. First and foremost, very similar in their color and some habits, however, the snowshoe – a pet with a soft, steady and gentle nature than his wayward ancestor. The hallmark of the breed is neat white socks on paws, which cats and was nicknamed “snowshoes”.


The snowshoe – a cat is incredibly expressive with interesting color and large eyes of deep blue. They look like Siamese cats, only more massive and with white socks. Weigh the snowshoe, generally from 2.5 to 5.5 kg.

I snowshoe quite a good body, which does not affect their grace and elegance. The body of rectangular format belongs to the Eastern type, the limbs proportional to the body. Head in its form almost forms an equilateral triangle with rounded contours. Eyes are incredibly expressive, large, deep blue, set rather obliquely. Nose white, color, solid or variegated, depending on color. The ears are medium-sized or large, rounded tips. Tail proportionate to the body, of medium thickness, tapering to the tip.

The coat is short, dense, shiny, dense, with little undercoat. Color colorpoint, corresponds to the classical colors of Siamese cats: seal point, bluepoint, line count, coalition. Pigmented areas contrast sharply with the basic, usually a lighter color. On the face definitely a white spot in the shape of an inverted V. On the tips of the feet – white spots, ideally the cat should be 4 white right sock.


Compared to Siamese cats, the snowshoe is a much more soft and well-established character.

These friendly Pets get along well with children and easy to get along under the same roof with other cats and even dogs, happy splitting games with them and falling asleep together after an active day. They are incredibly sociable, love to play, are wonderful, affectionate friends, are friendly to guests, but don’t like it when a stranger starts to squeeze them (which, however, is common to all cat).

Despite the strong attachment to the home, the snowshoe is not inclined to intrude and demand attention when people are busy or if he’s in a bad mood. A sociable cat feels comfortable and alone with myself, but we should not abuse this quality and often leave the pet alone, because contact cats do not like solitude.

Sociable, friendly and unpretentious the snowshoe is a perfect family Pets that bring comfort to the house and are always pleased with her cheerfulness and good temper.


The snowshoe has good health, a tendency to any serious disease in this breed is not observed. In addition, the snowshoe – centenarians. With proper maintenance, their lifespan often reaches 18-19 years old.


The snowshoe is unpretentious and does not require complex care. Enough to brush their soft fur about once a week and as needed to shorten the claws. Do not forget about the periodic inspection of the General condition of the pet’s routine vaccination and treatment against parasites.


The breed was developed in the USA in the ’60s, XX century.

Mainly on the creation of the breed worked as a breeder from Philadelphia – Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty. She wanted to get new Pets with color colorpoint Siamese, but with white socks, as “Burmese”, and by crossing the Siamese and American Shorthair bicolor came to the expected result.

Comely breed, the snowshoe was recognized in the 80s of the XX century. Today these cats are incredibly popular in the United States.

Interesting fact

The name of the breed translates as “snow boots”. This name amazing cats won thanks to the white socks on all 4 paws.

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