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A big cat with a wild appearance and angelic nature, the perfect pet for a big family. In the basic version of the ancestor of this cat was ginger the Bobcat. Looking for pixie-Bob, it does seem like he came to us from distant forests, but the temperament he most that neither is home.


Pixie-Bob is a very beautiful big cat that looks like their wild counterparts. The maximum weight pixie-Bob usually is about 10 kg, and the smallest specimens weigh about 4 kg.

The pixie-Bob long strong torso, muscular limbs with large paws, bulkhead, long and wide muzzle. Eyes oval, in color to blend with the main color. The ears are wide at the base and rounded at the tips, preferably the presence of lynx brushes. The tail is short, thick, quite flexible.

Wool can be both short and long. It is very dense and fluffy, perfectly protects the cat from cold and bad weather. A thick undercoat is always gray. Color: tabby, a clear ticking.

An interesting feature of the pixie-Bob is the possible mega-post: on the front paws in cats can be 6-7 fingers and on the back – 6.


Despite the impressive appearance, causing strong Association with wild cats, pixie-beans – lovely Pets.

These cats are notable for their sweet, friendly nature and have a calm temperament. They are very affectionate and very attached to all family members, happy to make friends with children and other Pets.

His master pixie Bob always learns from thousands. You can be sure, is a great friend, who will be happy to adapt to your rhythm of life and will not get off of your hands.

Pixie-Bob is a pretty agile cat who loves to run and play. Exercise is good for her health, so a responsible owner will ensure that the pet always had the opportunity to play.


The rocks are characterized by very strong health, and life expectancy Pixie-Bob is 13-15 years.

Sometimes these cats have found polydactyly (Megaplast), but this does not affect participation in exhibitions and usually not affect the quality of life.


Caring for pixie-Bob standard. Wool comb 1 once a week. Necessary shorten the claws and clean the ears.

Pets with a stocky build, prone to weight gain, so diet pixie-Bob must be strictly controlled.

Don’t forget routine vaccinations and treatment against parasites.


Its appearance is unusual the breed owes mega play kitty by the cry of Pixie, beloved pet of the breeder from Washington (80 g).

According to one version, she was crossed with a small American red trotting, because the kittens from her litter had very wide ears and spotted coat. With the kittens and began the formation of the breed.

Breed Pixie-Bob was recognized by TICA in 1998 To the same year belongs to the adoption of the standard.

Today, Piksi-beans – a rare Pets, which are much more popular at home in the US than in Europe.

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