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Sphinxes – majestic, graceful Pets, is incredibly convenient in the content due to the lack of coat. But the main qualities of the breed, of course, is not the external features, and a calm temperament and keen intelligence. One can often hear that the Sphynx has almost human thinking and understand the owner perfectly.


Sphynx – this is a decorative breed of cats, which the main feature is the almost complete absence of hair. This is a cat of medium size, weighing 3 to 5 kg.

In the framework of the stand outbreed standards in CFA and TICA. Representatives of CFA are somewhat more dense, heavy and muscular physique, while TICA is a more elongated, elegant format. Overall, the Sphynx is a graceful, athletic cat with muscular and neat proportions. They have in proportion to the body head with large wide at base ears and big, expressive eyes, slightly slanting planted. The sphinxes tail is long and flexible, tapering to the tip.

The coat of cats is almost completely absent, but translucent, delicate hairs still exist on his paws, ears and tail, also fur-covered nose. Other parts of the body can be covered hair and can be fully naked. The Sphynx skin is thick, elastic, with the presence of folds, especially in the area of ears, muzzles, and shoulders. The color of the coat and skin can be anything.


The sphinxes are blessed with a calm temperament, high intelligence and excellent memory, however, what will be the nature of your pet depends largely on upbringing and the people around him.

Usually, these cats are very loyal and very attached to their owner, carefully studying his habits and preferences, sometimes even adopt his demeanor. Sphinxes always need to be the center of attention, they are very sociable and people-oriented, and the stand-alone is extremely difficult.

In addition, Sphinx is very trainable, which for cats is rare. They are happy to perform interesting tricks, bring a host of light the right things and to open doors and turn on/off the light for the sphinxes and all in order.

Special attention deserves the love of these Pets for children. Sphinxes love to chat and play with the kids, they are completely alien aggression, with kids cats behave very carefully and kindly, never scratch and do not bite. Sociable Pets also get along with other cats and dogs, they are very peaceful, are not afraid of anyone, treat others respectfully and require the same respect in return.

Amazing hairless Pets are very open and trusting. In this world they can not live without man, they seem to feel it day by day demonstrate to the owner his loyalty, love and gratitude. These cats have incredible character, often think they understand everything and feel the same as we are.


In General, Sphynx health, however, various infections – for this breed are not uncommon. To reduce the risk of infections and diseases, it is necessary to observe the planned vaccination.

Despite the fact that adults Sphynxes rarely get sick, we can note a tendency to eye and skin diseases, obesity, etc.

The average life expectancy of the Canadian Sphynxes is 13-15 years.


People practically are not familiar with this breed, often think that caring for a Sphynx is incredibly complex and laborious, but it is not. In practice, there is no need to care for the coat of your pet, to cut and comb it, because the Sphinx wool just yet.

Hairless cats do not need any special conditions, it is sufficient to arrange a warm place to sleep. Also need to make sure that the room where the Sphinx was not strong drafts and extreme temperatures. Sphynx is sensitive to cold and excessive heat, they are difficult to tolerate drastic temperature changes, in addition, they are contraindicated for long periods in direct sunlight. Thick, strong leather sphinxes due to the lack of wool are still their weak point, and its condition must be carefully monitored.

In any case, not to be missed routine vaccination and treatment of Pets from parasites. Since the sphinxes are prone to be overweight, you need to strictly adhere to a proper diet and to provide your pet’s normal physical activity.

For more detailed information, read the article “Caring for cats sphinxes”.


The first representatives of the breed, according to the sources, was discovered in North America, and in the early 2000s, imported in Russia. However, there is a version that the history of the breed began in ancient times that it originates in Ancient Egypt, where hairless cats, embodying the gods, revered by all segments of society.

The lack of hair Sphynx is a natural mutation, which was secured by breeders in breeding and improving the breed. For more than 50 years, the sphinxes pass this trait by recessive manner: all the kittens, like their parents, are born practically without wool. The reason for the initial mutation is still unclear.

To date, the Sphynx is recognized by all international organizations and, thanks to its particular and well-developed intellect, are prized throughout the world. Other hairless breeds (Sphynx, Peterbald) was created relatively recently (about 15 years ago) and are now at the stage of development.

Interesting facts

  • Have a great memory.
  • Sphinxes perfectly jump. Very young specimens can easily conquer a height of 1 m, while adult cats with no extra effort you can jump on the 3-meter height.
  • Sphynx love to be the center of attention and love when they are photographed.
  • Like humans, Sphynxes sweat different parts of the body.
  • Sphinx will not be able to survive under natural conditions without the man, because he has no mustache, serving as a kind of radar to all members of the cat family.

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