Where to buy a kitten?

Decided to have a kitten? Congratulations are in order! This little ball will bring much joy and warmth into your home. But to avoid unpleasant surprises, drop at the time emotions and calmly think about where, when and from whom to purchase a pet.

For starters honestly ask yourself the question: why do you need a kitten, what is your purpose? Some choose a pet for yourself, for your soul, the other for the child, others dream to participate in exhibitions and breeding. Maybe for you, it is important to save a life: to take a kitten from the street or from a shelter?

Get together with other family members and discuss what kind of kitten you want, how important is the breed, character, ease of care? Would you like to get support in matters of education and content?

It is important to discuss these things in advance, to anyone who lives in an apartment. The kitten will become part of your family, and everyone should be happy about it.

Designate in advance the risks and costs. Remember that the kitten is a living creature just as we can hurt and need help. Get ready a responsible approach to education: the cat’s sharp claws in the history of mankind caused a lot of damage to the furniture, Wallpaper and even the hands of the owners. Besides, every pet is individual and you never know how it will grow: mannered aristocrat or “daredevil”?

In advance, please be to contact a good veterinary technician. The health of four-legged baby needs to be monitored closely: to attend medical examinations, timely vaccination and treatment against parasites, if necessary, to treat.

If you are ready for all the above, it remains the last step is to make sure that you and your family are not allergic to cats. All right? Then it’s time to prepare the apartment to the appearance of your pet and to follow him. Where? Good question!

Let’s discuss where you can purchase the kitten and what are the pitfalls you may encounter.

Где приобрести котенка?

  • To buy a kitten from a breeder or at a show.

To buy a purebred kitten from a breeder is the safest solution.

Breeders are professionals who have a responsible approach to breeding and keeping Pets. From them, you will get a healthy kitten with a real pedigree and all necessary documents on him. And in the face of the breeder, you will gain a friend and a personal expert who is always ready to help practical advice and support you in the early stages. If you wish in the future you will also be able to participate in exhibitions and breeding, and this is a very interesting field!

Purebred kittens are good that you already know about their temperament and characteristics of care. Of course, exceptions are always there, and within the same species individuals enough. However, if you dream of a calm affectionate cat, it is better to choose a breed, which is characterized by these qualities. So more likely not to make mistakes!

Another plus kitten purchased from breeders is laid the foundation of education. Usually kids already potty trained, able to eat independently, familiar with the first treatment and know-how to behave with others.

Buying a kitten from a breeder or show, you almost do not risk. But the cost of such Pets, therefore, high.

  • To buy a kitten at a pet store.

In pet stores, you can buy thoroughbred and purebred kittens. Might even take the gift.

But it is understood that the pet store the strife. Sometimes kittens accompany the breeders, and sometimes the sellers have practically no information about the pedigree and health of the pet. Often the conditions of detention in the shops are far from ideal, and it affects the behavior, and physical condition of the pet.

Conclusion: before choosing a kitten, find out about the pet store as much information as possible. Communicate with consultants, read reviews, rate the conditions of keeping of Pets and observe the behavior of animals. If you all the triples, go ahead and purchase the kitten. As a rule, the prices here are lower than the breeders.

  • To buy in the poultry market, in the metro, according to the announcement.

And this is the case, acquire a “pig in a poke.” Even for the lowest price or for free.

Unfortunately, very often to unsuspecting buyers sell purebred kittens under the guise of a thoroughbred, lying about the conditions, give false documents… Responsibility for the kittens, bought at a poultry market, in the subway or on the ad, no one is. To compose such a seller can do anything, but we can only guess what will have to face the fact. In the best case the kitten will not be accustomed to the tray, and at worst – you’ll find he has a serious disease.

However, not all so is bad, and good examples too much. Many people worry about their wards, give your contact details really help in the early stages and asked to contact them and return the kitten if something suddenly goes wrong.

Be careful before taking the kitten with it, weigh all the “pros” and “cons”.

Где приобрести котенка?

  • To take a kitten from a shelter or a volunteer.

This option will suit people that do not respect the breed. At the shelter or volunteers can be absolutely free or for a voluntary contribution to make the perfect pet: a kitten or a grown cat. In most cases, these Pets are already trained in the basics of behavior, their condition is under control, they are vaccinated, treated against parasites and sterilized.

But best of all – perfect transparency. Curators care for their wards and are not intended to quickly get rid of them. Be sure that you provide complete information about the pet and if anything will definitely help.

The main risk: attached animals often have a complex history behind, they may have health problems and behavior. We will discuss in detail the pet with the curator and a sober assessment of their strength.

  • To take a kitten from the street.

If you decide to take a kitten from the street, you are a true hero. However, to take a kitten – not yet feat. Feat – to raise him and give him a happy life.

Very often the decision to take a kitten from the street – it’s not even a decision but an impulsive act. A person can give in to emotions, and then to understand that was not ready for the advent of pet and related to this problem. As a result, the kitten becomes a burden, and in the worst case is again on the street.

It is important to understand that the probability to pick up on the street healthy kitten is too small. Moreover, problems may arise with the education of street kittens are often very shy, they are strangers to the tray and scratching post. However, if all this does not scare you and you are determined to save a life before you can remove the hat!

The main thing – as soon as possible, take the kitten examined by a veterinary specialist and discuss further care for the baby.

Где приобрести котенка?

No matter where you acquired the kitten and no matter what difficulties may accompany this decision, we believe that Pets is real happiness. We wish you as soon as possible to see this!

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