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Exotic graceful cat with a mysterious Siam are universal favorites, the interest does not abate for centuries. But not only the characteristic appearance is the main advantage of the breed never ceases to surprise and the unpredictable nature of Pets, to do that indefinitely.


Siamese cats have a very distinctive appearance, they are difficult to confuse with any other breed. The standard weight of the representatives is from 2.5 to 5.5 kg.

Siamese cats are flexible and elegance, they have the Oriental body type, with elongated, well-developed muscles. The head has the shape of an elongated wedge, the eyes are large, almond-shaped, obliquely set, a bright blue color, the ears are large, pointed, the shape seemed to keep a large triangle, a breathtaking face, bottom corner of the triangle is the chin. The tail is long, thin, rather narrow at the base and more tapering to the tip.

The coat is short, dense, silky and shiny, the underfur is almost nonexistent. Color: colorpoint; mask, ears, tail and limbs pigmented, between the dark areas and the main color contrast. Classic colors are seal point (brown marks), bluepoint (blue markings), chocolate markings, line-count (purple markings), redpoint (red markings), checkpoint (cream markings) and tortoiseshell and dark brown markings (striped tabby).

Within breeds, the Siamese are divided into several varieties: American (hyper chip, more elongated head, large ears, narrow eyes, long neck), English (the most common type with a moderately elongated body, intermediate between the American and old-style), Apple Head (old type with a more round head), Thai (rounded contour of the head, of the type obtained by crossing Siamese cats with British Shorthair and the European plain).


Siamese cats are always in the spotlight. They are open and sociable, love to play, including with children, communicate with others, often try to “talk” with family members to get them as close as possible. These cats will always appreciate the care and affection, and indifference will never forgive. Loneliness sociable Pets suffer is extremely difficult, so the breed is not recommended to have people that are rarely home.

Siamese cats are very attached to their owners and sometimes even start them jealous. With other Pets that proud cat may not find a common language, again, because of jealousy to the owner or because of a mismatch of characters, and the character of the Siamese cats are not the most permanent. Often these Pets are excessive in the manifestation of their feelings, they are characterized by strong attachment and strong resentment, in some people they do not have souls, and others carefully avoid.

With unpredictable Siamese cat will never get bored. It never ceases to amaze with his energy and curiosity and is the ultimate friend to the man who earned her trust.


A Siamese cat from nature for good health. With proper maintenance, the life expectancy of these Pets is 20 years.


The care of Siamese cats is pretty simple. Wool pet enough to brush 1-2 times a week. If the cat is involved in exhibition activities, then a few days before the exhibition it is necessary to redeem.


Home to the ancient breed is Thailand (formerly Siam, in whose honor and was named the cats). The first mention of wayward Pets with the characteristic color found in the written sources of the 14th century. Graceful cats from Central Asia was described by the German researcher of the Palace, who lived in the early 19th century. According to sources, the Siamese has long enjoyed universal respect and often lived under kings.

In the UK the Siamese cats were imported in the 19th century. For the first time at the exhibition, the breed was introduced in 1871 and has met with tremendous success. The exotic breed began to actively write in the media, and sections devoted to her to include in books about animals. The adoption of the first standard for the Siamese refers to 1892.

The first representatives of the breed, imported to the UK, were more massive and rounded than the current Siamese. Due to the long breeding work, the animals became so graceful and elegant, as we know them now. The breed is considered to be one of the most popular all over the world.

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