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Cat breeds


Contents: Appearance Character Health Care History Good-natured giants of the cat – the perfect pet for a large family. Friendly, quiet, communicative, and very beautiful, these cats are wonderful neighbors, with whom to live under the same roof – a pleasure. Ragdolls are very loving and find a common language with all others. And all, […]

Cat breeds


Contents: Appearance Character Health Care History The Chartreuse is a sturdy cat with silver fur and copper eyes. Calm, serious and kind Pets that even know how to smile. It has long been common in France, the Chartreuse are the real pride of the country, and many breeders around the world. Appearance Chartreuse (other names: […]

Cats care

The don Sphynx is different from the canadian?

Sphynx are amazing cats that leave no one indifferent. Some fall in love with the breed at first sight. Other exotic appearance at first discouraging. But it is worth it at least once to hold the warm hairless ball – and the heart must falter! When you get acquainted with the “naked” cats closer, you […]

Kitten care

When to vaccinate a kitten?

Contents: At what age are vaccinated kittens? When to vaccinate a kitten against rabies? Timely vaccination is the key to the health of your pet, a reliable method of fighting infectious diseases. To vaccinate an animal needs throughout its life, and the first vaccination is done at the age of 1 month. Read more about […]

Cats parenting

Litter Pan Advice

Cats are very clean animals, and the cleanliness of their litter pan will affect how they are using it. If your cat defecates or urinates right in front of the box, he/she is probably trying to tell you something regarding the cleanliness or size of the box. Your cat may have an illness if she […]

Cats parenting

Cat screams at night: what to do?

Contents: How to wean a cat scream at night? If the kitten cries What not to do. In a previous article, we discussed, why the cat screams at night. But today let’s talk how to break him of this annoying habit. What to do if a cat screaming at night? How to wean a cat […]

Kitten care

How to wean the kitten to tear the Wallpaper and furniture?

We often criticize our Pets for gaps in behavior, however, in practice, unwanted habits ward is almost always the consequences of improper upbringing. Remember the phrase: “there are no bad students, only bad teachers”? Now, it works! Ignoring the unwanted behavior of a kitten, the owner only strengthens his habits. And if at an early […]

Kitten care

the kitten watery eyes: what to do?

Contents: Why the kitten watery eyes? The kitten watery eyes: what to treat? The eyes of kittens are watering quite often, especially at an early age, before the first vaccination. During this period, a child’s organism is still weak and can’t deal with a huge number of parasites and microorganisms that surround it. Different – […]

Feeding cats

How to feed your cat dry food?

Contents: Tips from leading veterinarians on how to properly feed the cat dry food Why a cat is better to feed dry food, not natural food? In some cases, it is not necessary to transfer the pet to dry food? The choice of diet for your pet — question is important and responsible. High-quality dry […]


‘The Truth About Trap-Neuter-Return and Feral Cat Colony Movement’ by Frank Hamilton

Frank Hamilton is an adjunct professor of management and leadership at the University of South Florida, Tampa, FL.  He is also the Vice-Chairman of the Hillsborough County Animal Advisory Committee (AAC) charged with advising the county commissioners on animal-related issues and policy. Background Free-roaming cats are the targets of bird enthusiasts who fail to note […]